J.W.'s and swine flu question

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  • hubert

    My daughter told me that she refused the swine flu vaccine, even though she is in a risk category and could receive it.

    Since we know that the Watchtower Society banned Small Pox vaccinations for years when it first became available, I am curious to know if the Watchtower Society is doing this again, with the Swine Flu vaccine.

    Has anyone heard of this happening now? Are J.W.'s being discouraged into getting the Swine Flu vaccine by orders of the W.T. Society?



  • DJK

    We were discussing swine flu and vaccinations yesterday. So far only a rare request to stay home if you have the flu. Listen in to the meetings by telephone if that option is available at your KH. lol

  • scotinsw

    Might be something to do with an email going around that the vaccination contains blood.

  • hubert

    LOL ! DJK.

    I haven't seen that e-mail yet. It could have something to do with it. Kind of makes sense, but I was hoping for a written directive from the W.T. headquarters.



  • hubert

    Okay, I am bringing this up again, because I have an update.

    My non-jw niece called me today and said her childrens doctor received a batch of swine flu shots, and she was supposed to get one hundred shots, and she got two hundred, so she is spreading the word around to families of her patients that she has these extra swine flu shots.

    I was asked to call my daughter and see if my grandaughter could get her shot. She would have to make an appointment. So, after talking with my daughter she decided that since her daughter is going to get the shot in school next Tuesday anyway, she won't bother to make an appointment for her.

    So after this conversation, I thought I will call my jw nieces, and see if they got the shots or want the shots for their kids. One of them for sure, has the same doctor as my grandaughter, and she has two young children, not of school age yet, so they are eligible. I called them, and couldn't get a hold of either one, so seeing their jw grandma babysits for them every week, I decided to call her.

    I told her the situation, and she told me that she didn't know what position her daughters are taking on the swine flu shots, so I asked her what she meant. (playing dumb). Eyebrow She started talking about how the medical "community" often comes out with treatments that are more harmful than they are good, and she went into detail about some programs she saw about how people took certain prescribe medications, and ended up dying because of the side effects. I said, "All medications have side effects, but is it better to not take the medications and die, or take them and possibly have side effects? We went back and forth over this issue for a while, and she finally said, she will e-mail them with the information and thanked me for it.

    I also mentioned that I wouldn't want them to be pressured into not taking the flu shots, and she said she would never do that, anyway. (Which I don't believe). I told her I wanted to let them know about the opportunity to get the shots, because if I didn't and one of their kids contracted the flu and died, I'd feel guilty and responsible. She agreed with my position.

    Now...I am starting to think that the elders are "advising" the flock to not take the swine flu shot.

    My question....Is there anyone else on this forum who has run into the same situation as I encountered?

    I really am starting to think this is wide spread, similar to when they banned the smallpox vaccinations years ago.


  • EmptyInside

    There is no ban on flu shots among the Witnesses, just a local needs part on taking extra precautions during flu season, and to stay home when one is sick.

  • garbonzo

    Old thread but I guess the JW was right as the Swine Flu vaccine turned out to be a hoax and may have done more harm than good after all, rofl!

  • Nambo

    Same as the internet is waking people up to the negative aspect of the JWs, people are waking up to lots of truth about the world that those that run it, hide from us.

    One such being Vaccines and thier dangers, pushed on us by a drug industry whose primary concern for us is how much money they can get from us.

    We had this Swine flu scare back in the 70s, if you YouTube swine flu 1970s you will see the adverts, then maybe you can google Guillian Barre Syndrome and learn how more people died or where crippled for life from that Swine Flu Vaccine, that the flu itself.

    So, probably nothing to do with the Witnesses, just the general population.

    If you dont want to get flu, take Vitamin D, lots of it.

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