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  • carla

    Does anyone know if the physicians portion of AJWRB is completey up to date re: wt policies on blood? A friend who works in the medical field recently had a patient that will need blood and the Dr & staff are not clear on blood issues. I would like to send them to AJWRB but want to make sure it is all up to date. If there are any other brochures that are available please let me know as well. thanks

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason


    Material I have written and collecetd over time is available at:

    In particular, a study I wrote with the medical profession in mind is:

    I am not a medical person. I am not fully aware of their very latest edicts, and Marvin Shilmer should be able to help in that regard.

    My understanding is they will not permit whole blood, red corpuscles, white corpuscles, or plasma, but will permit the use of parts of these. They also permit vaccinations of material that contains blood. They did not permit autologous transfusions, but this might have been amended, I understand they permit Factor VIII for haemophiliacs.


  • carla

    Thanks much Doug!

  • TD

    The information on the AJWRB site reflects current JW policy.

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