Most famous lunch in Watchtower history!

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    As Mr. Franz goes to great lengths to show in his book Crisis of Conscience, he was "disfellowshipped" for having dinner in a public place with his friend and landlord in Alabama who had "disassociated" himself from a local Kingdom Hall. At least Mr. Gregerson had ceased to be an active member or official. He in effect resigned. That this act of Mr. Franz's host, landlord and dinner table partner was significant at all was the fact that he had already been pressured by Watchtower officials through the local Kingdom Hall to break off all relations with this tenant in the trailer on his property who worked on the yard to make rent. Mr. Gregerson instead disassociated himself with the local Kingdom Hall to allow breathing room for his own family, Raymond Franz and Franz's wife. To counter this, in subsequent Watchtower articles a policy of associating with those that had disassociated was pronounced a disfellowship offense and an inquiry proceeded on Raymond Franz's conduct with Gregerson instead. Disfellowship resulted after a hearing and testimony included in the book. Mr. Franz appealed the ruling repeatedly, but to no avail. Peter Gregerson is a scheduled caller to come on a new telephone conference call tonight Sat Nov.14-2009 at 6:45 EST. called Dialogue. The host of the program is fomer jehovah's witness Richard Rawe. For more info

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