to the brits... have you been blown away yet?

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  • highdose

    i hear theres a hurricane in the UK? Are you all ok? got any photos? tales from the wild?

  • wobble

    Hi Highdose,

    I dropped my trolleys and pointed my bum in the direction the wind was coming from, and boy , could I whistle LOUD!!!!

    As usual with us Brits. we are exaggerating, not really a hurricane, just damn windy and wet, at least here in your old stamping ground.

    I will watch the news and report more later.

    With love from your correspondent in the S.E of England,


  • Chalam
  • Gadget

    Its all quiet where I am, nice and still.

    With love from your correspondent in the NE of England,


  • jookbeard

    very blowy here, 80mph winds last night, not hurricane force though, what a night

  • fokyc

    Some places have had it very bad, see here:

    We are OK where we are, well inland and protected by hills.

    Thanks for the thoughts


  • mouthy

    So it takes a ruddy Hurricane for me to see & hear from you again Gadget!!!!!

    Hope all is well after any storms ant where for Gadget

  • nelly136

    slept through the 87

    slept through last night

    interesting drive to work, bit blowy, close encounter with a few twigs hitting the car and windscreen

    rain musta been a bit heavy there was a river going past the shop and poo and bog roll washing down the hill where the water had

    pushed out the drain cover.

    i think the fire engines that went past the shop yesterday were off to evacuate people that got stuck in a flash

    flood on an industrial estate not too far away

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    All quiet here, we just had a LOT of rain!!

    I didn't sleep through '87 - the entire roof blew off our house and I was woken by rainwater dripping off the light fitting onto my bedroom floor

    We found most of our roof a quarter of a mile down the road the next day lol.

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