what would you do for free wi-fi?..

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  • oompa

    ok...im gettin a bit desperate here in no wifi land!!!....new apt and all....i dont want a contract as i dont know how long i will be here.........there are TWO secure signals i get here and would soooo love to talk a neighbor into letting me have his access info..........and i can walk RIGHT across the street and have free high speed internet...so i am grateful for that as i sit in my truck eating Chinese takeout and clicking away!...MAN I LOVE FREEDOM!!!!

    ...if anyone wants to know...you can buy a device on ebay.....just search yagi and the antenna will pop up...it picks up weak signals and rebroadcasts it in your home...i have used it and they do work great for about 149 bucks US.....

    but i was thinking of finding who owns these signals and give a bottle of wine...let them ride my bikes....hell i would wash their windows!!!...i mean i like my truck...but........plus i have new friends who say screw cable and dish...all you need is true hi-speed and you can link your laptop to your tv and stream live shows, plus download a ton of near live shows....i have already bought the hook up cable.........ahhh....my truck will smell like hunan chicken for a week!........oompa

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    With a wok and a usb dongle you might be able to steal a connection from some fool's insecure Wifi

  • trueblue
  • carla

    Hey Oompa, I was in a Best Buy a while back and saw some contraption that works like a Trac phone or something but only it is to have internet service for laptops. No contracts, just plugs into computer I guess. Sorry I am not more informed I only took a glance at it. If memory serves it wasn't that expensive either (certainly no 149.00!).

  • leavingwt

    Contact your cell phone company and ask about "tethering".

  • AllTimeJeff

    Don't you mean "who" I would do for free wi-fi? I mean, it is the internet and all...

  • musky

    Same thing I would do for a Klondike bar.

  • trueblue

    search videos for ( use cell phone for modem ) or try your type of cell phone for modem...

    I have seen interesting videos telling how to use your cell phone for a modem.

    I have heard that if the cell phone carrier finds out they will cut you off.

    I have also heard that it is really sloooooooooooow

    Or you can look for videos on (how to increase wi fi signal), and see if anything works for ya.

    It seem anything has a price in the long run. Pay now or pay later.

    I did see were there is a (wi fi locator) that may be a good one and it is a free software, just will not work on my kind of computer

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