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  • lavendar

    .....My son and his wife are both JWs and have been for years. The wife has Pioneered for years, but I don't think she is now b/c she currently starting working.

    They have been talking about taking a vacation (something that they've never done). Also, my son is working on putting together a Facebook page.

    My question is: do you think they are starting to get less zealous about the WTS.....or am I just wishful thinking??

    Thanks for any thoughts you may have!

  • WuzLovesDubs

    Well both of those things expose them, if you will, to other human beings and thats a good thing. They will see there are wonderful kind loving people out there who are NOT JWs and sometimes it takes that to start chipping away at this cult. The less they are INSIDE with the mind melding the less the grip will be on them. Id say it was a very positive thing :)

    And that is me hoping for us all.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    They probably have reached the age that they are begining to realize the "End" is not right around the corner . I wouldn't get my hopes to high but they may at least lighten up a bit now .

    Hope for the best .

  • yknot


    When he gets his facebook up and running maybe it will reveal his feelings.......or.......maybe one of us can contact him via facebook.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Can you put on a big celebration for your next anniversary/whatever?

    Try to get them involved in your life without pushing their warning buttons.

    Grasping at straws is ok. I do it all the time.



  • LouBelle

    Get them living!!! beyond just the confines of the organisation. Get them around other ""worldly people" - soon they will realise that hey - they aren't freak a zoids, they're pretty decent...

  • lavendar

    GOOD thoughts and advice! Thank you so much! I want them SO MUCH to realize that the WTS is NOT what it claims to be.

    Thanks again,


  • TheOldHippie

    US JWs must be something special - cause if taking vacation is a sign you're on your way out, then ALL European JWs must be ontheir way out, cause there ain't many people around that go as much vacationing as JWs do over here!

  • creativhoney

    why dont JWs go on their hols in the US?

    brits are always on holiday

  • moshe

    Facebook is a surprise as the WT has pretty much told the brothers to stay off of social networking sites. You see, it is possible for a non-JW to slip in and be your friend and then post something embarrassing on your public wall. I know because I totally torqued off a JW that way. But when they say something totally stupid, like JW's do, you have to step in and point out the error of their statements. They can't refute your comment, so they just go off on a rant. It was funny.

    I think you will see them easing out the KH door- good luck!

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