Exposed:six myths about Jehovah's Witnesses/WBTS

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  • bobld

    1.Christ Jesus came to the Earth in 1914...................Not found in the Bible

    2.God has an Earthly Org,"the WBTS"...........................Not found in the Bible

    3.In 1918 Christ examines the Churches and found only the WTBS & it's publications

    had been providing spiritual food from 1879 to 1919...Not found in the Bible

    4.The 1st resurrection (of the 144,000) started between 1914&1935.Some of

    these resurrected ones are involved in communication of divine truths today(2007)

    Not found in the Bible.

    5.The "generation" that saw the beginning of Christ's presence(in 1914) would also

    see the "great day of Jehovah's" in which he executes judgement against all who

    practice unrighteousness.(That generation is dead)......Not found in the Bible

    6.The end came in 1914/1915/1925................................Not found in the Bible

    You can find many more myths about the WBTS RELIGION that are not in the Bible

    in their own publications.


  • WTWizard

    Where in the Bible does it even hint that the "generation" is made up of those who were alive in 1914, who share those particular characteristics independent of time, or those who were alive while anyone alive in 1914 is alive? I would like to see them prove, without using scriptures out of context, that this is even scripturally true.

    And, if they are going to use scriptures out of context, I am just as free to use scriptures out of context to prove that I have the right to fly a plane into 90 Sands Street, 25 Columbia Heights, and wherever else they have headquarters. And, to prove that my refraining from flying planes into those buildings indebts them infinitely to me for refraining from doing that. I bet they would not take that challenge--because I would use that "indebtedness" that I "proved" they have toward me to ruin their organization, take the whole Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund away from them, and blow them into the CID of the IRS.

  • No Longer Held Captive
    No Longer Held Captive

    yeah the generation spoken of by christ is still future, like when this system collapses and the last king comes thats the generation, the generation of those that will see and suffer all these things, it says nowhere that this generation will rise to christ, but that s the one that will see all the things spoken of in Matt 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 just like all the things of daniel and revelation....they are still dates, but jesus spoke to the pharisees of the signs and gave the illustration of red sky morning sailors waring....when we see all these things then we will know that the end has drawn near, but not when, as it is coming as a thief, but when we see the signs, and those signs havent occurred yet, coz when they do, it will be a terrifying time. And, satan hasnt come down in great anger yet, but when he does, that is the marker for the end as he goes off in his rage to look for and kill the holy ones of God by means of his one world empire which has a shelf life of only 1260 days, thats why he will be mad, coz when that time ends, hes going into the abyss, and his one world, new world order will be destroyed along with its false prophet...............wbts is just another mainstream religion, a trick of satan, but the good news of Gods kingdom is still to be preached and does so by an elect of the 144000 group during the first half of the Matt 24 period, and like christ this group can perform many many signs.

    The 144000, those dead and those alive at the 7th trumpet both rise to christ when he becomes king just before Armageddon, not before, and as for the cleansing of Gods house, well that is also still very future....all these prophecies occur at the same time, not from 1914 until 19oatcake or whenever, just like the wbts say..........the book they wrote on daniel as well as the others is a crock of nonsense, just like their policies, and millions have fallen for it.........Satan is really very very clever

  • blondie

    Jesus came to earth in 1914 "in the flesh"? That's not clearly stated and would be contradicted by most jws.

  • Chalam

    Cool list, here's six more plus one extra for good measure!

    1. Jesus was resurrected as a "spirit creature". The bible speaks directly against the WT teaching Luke 24:39
    2. Jesus is the Mediator only for the "144, 000". The bible speaks directly against the WT teaching 1 Timothy 2:5
    3. Jesus is "a god". The bible speaks directly against the WT teaching Matthew 1:23 Genesis 1:1 John 1:1-3 Hebrews 1:3 Philippians 2:6
    4. Jesus is the angel Michael. The bible speaks directly against the WT teaching Hebrews 1:5
    5. Jesus has other sheep and they remain two flocks who have two different eternal hopes. The bible speaks directly against the WT teaching John 10:16 Ephesians 4:4-6 Revelation 21:1-3
    6. Jesus is not the door, the way, the path but the WT is. The bible speaks directly against the WT teaching John 10:7 John 10:9 John 14:6
    7. Jesus is not the only name to call upon but "Jehovah" is. The bible speaks directly against the WT teaching Acts 4:12 Acts 10:43 Luke 24:46-48 John 20:31 John 1:12 1 John 3:23 1 John 5:13



  • No Longer Held Captive
    No Longer Held Captive

    The whole 607 thing, its all about trying to tie it all in with 1914, and sadly, the generation of 1914, well, they passed away round about 1954-64, as the average age for a generation is 30-40. And how i bought that when I studied the bible, well i dont know.....

    So, the myth of 1914 is just that, the same as 1918, 1919, 1935....etc, etc , etc, so the things spoken of by christ in the gospels, namely Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21, these along with Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation are still all future, but could be very near, but it will come as a thief on a very sleeping world.

    Yeah this system will collapse soon, but thats not the end of it, but the 7 million that are sleeping, well, what a wake up call it will be, maybe even some, when this system collapses, will be fooled into thinking that thats the real end, but it will be the end of this system only, but it will be the begining of the real wonder jesus said that "deception" would come first, and Paul, "Apostasy".

    On jwn, and other boards, this is not apostasy to speak againt the borg, its "dissention", and Jesse Ventura said dissention was the greatest form of loyalty. Real Apostasy is what the leaders of religion, people at its very centre practice, not joe bloggs on the fringe. In parliament in London, or government anywhere, when we hear of dissent amidst politicians, its because they dont like a bill, and know the implications and harm it may cause, like wise, here, as well as elsewhere, you are voicing your views of the harmful practices and doctrines of this organization. You are being loyal to what the bible says and what you feel to be true and know to be true in your hearts. And the Politicians that dont go along are forced to do so in the end by "Party Whips", are the elders and leaders of this sect, as well as that of any others any differant? Only the true blues are the ones, despite the consequences, will stand firm, and lose all they have for principles, like most of you.

    In a classroom, sometimes teachers will make deliberate mistakes to see if the students are awake, sometimes they just make them, and when the students stand up and point out the mistake, they argue out why the teacher is wrong, because books too, like teachers can get it wrong, but the borg dont like being corrected. And when nobody stands up in class, then the teacher passes those mistakes on to countless students, who will pass it on to their students when they become teachers-the bible says "pay attention to your teaching"

    And, its here, as much as I dont like to say it, I think, in christendom, especially evangelicals have a better grasp of the bible when it comes to eschatology and understanding, but the borg have had little right, ok Gods name, and christ, jehovah and the spirit being seperate entities, ok, but there is a lot they have got wrong, and even today they hang on to 1914.....but, it aint going to happen.

    We could drone on and on and on and on, as we all know these myths and false teachings, but there must be other ways, other than on here, and by writing letters to the borg and individual brs and sis telling these falsehoods, there must be a way of really getting the message across to a vast grassroots audience, thats what I would like to do. Posting here and on other boards aint enough, there must be another way of getting the message out, but to a larger and more receptive as well as captive audience, and to protect them from sects like these.

    I regret it all, and have lost a lot due to the teachings and mind control techniques of this sect, I regret it, and one of the kids in my family wanted to be a vet, they were great in school and had lots of potential, and thats what the borg dont like, people with great potential, no wonder King solomon could say that the man of thinking abilities is despised. The borg attributes this phrase to worldly satanic people, but I think, it is just as solomon says, a man that can think and perceive really well, and the borg dont like it, and as soon as you stand up and question, you are marked straight away, then you are out.......where there is no fear, there is only love, well, that institution wouldnt know it if it struck them in the face.

    Blessings to all that contribute here to bible understanding, and in other ways in revealing the dark side of the borg.

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