A Graph You Won't See in Awake

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  • metatron



    very simple. This job market is utterly horrid and will likely continue to be bad for years. Go ahead and listen to what the Watchtower Society says about college and screw up the rest of your life. Life is hard and Witness ignorance doesn't help.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    Sorry, that is a Satanic and worldly chart. Jehovah's undereducated window-washing Witnesses NEVER are unemployed... because their primary vocation is the ministry. Consider this example of a PO who relies on Jehovah's door-knocking ministry to provide for his family:

    *** w64 9/15 p. 561 par. 12 “Carry On Prayer on Every Occasion in Spirit” ***
    One of Jehovah’s witnesses who is a civil engineer has enjoyed a steady secular job with a construction firm in the western part of the United States. This man is also a presiding minister of a congregation of Jehovah’s witnesses and realizes that his secular job is only secondary to his primary vocation of the Christian ministry.

    So, dear reader, here we have an example of a brother who has steady secular employment because he puts the "Christian ministry" first in his life.


  • WTWizard

    I have noticed that unemployment is something on the order of 5% among those with college education. And that's with it being 10.2% among all people. Notably, though they claim the witlesses are never unemployed, I challenge them to pay their bills on that kind of job.

    Window washing? Yes, they go out of business during this kind of economy. What windows do they usually wash? Private householders that are unemployed do not have money to waste getting their windows washed, so they either let them go dirty or wash them themselves (which is not very hard to do). Businesses, such as colleges, industrial buildings, stores, and apartment complexes, usually either let their windows go dirty longer when trying to cut costs, or they will have the employees washing them while business is slow (and, on the ground levels, that is not very hard to do). Apartment complexes with a lot of ground floor windows usually let it go longer, as the tenants (which are often out of work) find time to wash the windows themselves. This goes for any kind of general cleaning.

    Besides, I would rather put up with a few cancer stick butts on the lawn than the p*** poor job that the witlesses tend to do in their rush to get back in field circus or because they are too tired and/or lazy to do a good job. And, with the number of pedophiles in the organization, I will put up with the smoking before letting someone that is 32 times more likely to be a pedophile than a worldly person (based on more than 25,000 known pedophiles among 7 million witlesses).

  • stillin

    as the story goes, a brother was leaving Bethel, worried about "making it" in the real world. He shared his apprehension with Brother Knorr, who advised,"just keep going out in the service. Satan will get you a job."

    Good, practical wisdom there, huh?

  • DaCheech

    you forget that they can put "bethel" and "kingdom ministry school" on their resumes

  • Butterflyleia85

    Yeah and with the lay offs people like me that did some community college and did have a good job in civil engineering, regret never going to four year college because that's what employeers look for!! Grrr... I'm going back to school. At least I'm young and got out of being a JW to do that!

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