Richard White, machette attacker in New Orleans airport a JW dies. Another medicine denier.

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Richard White was mentally unstable. Apparently he went off the rails and attacked the TSA at the N. Orleans airport. They shot him to stop him chasing down people trying to hack them with his machete. He is reported as being a JW. A neighbor says he was against western medicine.

    "He was so meek, so mild," she added, saying he was a deeply religious Jehovah's Witness who shunned Western medicine and encouraged his neighbor to use herbal remedies, even to treat her diabetes."

    I know that doesn't make him crazy, but, have you found many JW's to be unreasonable about western medicine, viewing it as a plot? and that the "Natural" way is the only way? This brother rejected a transfusion in the hospital. Well, he died faithful right, lol. Sometimes JW medicine deniers seem about as mentally stable as this whack job. Your thoughts?

  • millie210

    I watched this on the news this morning and was disappointed to see they didnt mention his religion at all.

    They kept talking about all the "bomb" paraphernalia found in his car which sadly, will lead most to assume he was" just another crazed Muslim".

    As for his not taking a blood transfusion - I remember a baptized man who landed in ICU with a bleeding ulcer due to excessive drug and alcohol consumption yet he refused blood! He made it through with good medical intervention and was back out of the streets drinking and drugging (but no blood transfusion).

    People have what they are taught religiously and then they have their interpretation of it. Sometimes crazy gets layered on top of crazy.

  • Gone and forgotten
    Gone and forgotten

    Other than Blood, I have never known a JW to refuse medical treatment. I was in for 20+ years and have had lots of medical issues and was never encouraged to deny treatment, except blood. When my father was sick (not a JW) and I was his POA, he needed a transfusion. The elders told me that it was my responsibility to ensure that HIS wishes were observed, not MY beliefs.

    So I have to conclude that this individual was delusional. His refusal to take his meds was on him, not the WTS.

  • freemindfade
    For having so much hope in paradise, witnesses are some of the most health obsessed people on earth. Or America at least. They buy in and promote all sorts of pyramid scheme health ideas. My faded friend and I comisreate over our parents being involved in this crap our whole lives. Some one had found some miracle cure all. It's the weak minded cult brain that allows to buy into this nonsense so quickly. I am invovled in the medical field and western medicine is a mess in many way. True western medicine and eastern have benefits. What doesn't is multi level marketing quackery. I move to a new state and was playing basket ball with some Bros. Right off the bat one was telling me about some miracle tea he sells and how it cured cancer or some shit. Bottom line is I can testify that many witnesses get involved in this quackery. Their distrust for Satan's system makes them put faith in the worst part. People making a buck off brain dead suckers

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