U K 2009 Part service report

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  • alanv

    Just had sight of the December 2009 Kingdom Ministry. It seems people in U K have definitely had enough of JWs

    Average publishers for the year is around 128374. This is a 1% increase on last year. The comment in the KM was 'Jehovah has blessed us with a 1% increase'. I couldn't help but laugh at this, as this figure is about the same as the population increase in UK for 2009. That means for all the millions of hours witnesses have spent this year they are actually no better off than they were last year. The number baptised was 2912 which is a half percent increase. The memorial was even worse showing a quarter percent increase. I think it's the ex witnesses that Jehovah is actually blessing!

  • jookbeard

    great news Al, wonder how many partakers there were as well, looking at the bigger picture I wonder what the growth was in the Indian Sun Continent and China, because Jerkhoobah certainly does not seem to be blessing them, 2 billion plus and counting yet only pockets of Dubs there, how he must hate them!

    Us ex Dubbies certainly are being blessed, they are hemorrhaging members now, what's the often quoted example?" there are more ex Dubs then actual current ones?"

  • jookbeard

    any folks got the UK K/M insert ? would be nice to see a scan of it

  • scotinsw

    A lot of the increase in the UK over the past couple of years has been from the Eastern European immigrants particularly from Poland.

    I'm just so happy that this is the first year I'm not included in any of that report!

  • bohm

    im just curious, was there any changes to what is required of an individual before he/she is counted as a puplishers since 2008?

  • wobble

    Just a rough bit of maths. to put this in perspective, if the average Dub, in the U.K, does eight hours preaching in a month , it will take him 44 years to make a convert.

    "Truly Jehovah is blessing the door to door ministry. "



  • straightshooter

    At the recent CO visit, my wife mentioned that the amount of time and material resources the publishers put into helping convert a person shows that Jehovah really cares about people.

    Even a bad report can have a good spin on it.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I'm actually very surprised that they can't come up with any more growth than a scant 1% in the UK. With the economy the way it is, I really thought people would be scared enough to buy into the JW cult message.

    I guess not. So, I was wrong... in a good way!

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