Children lost to Christian cult in Durban, South Africa

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  • jakes

    A group of concerned parents in and around Durban, South Africa have set up a website – – with stories of their children who have become involved with a church identified as Grace Gospel Church. The church is a branch of Church Team Ministries International (CTMI), an international Christian group with head offices in Mauritius. Young people from upmarket Durban suburbs are being recruited into the group which many parents call a mind controlling Christian cult. It is alleged that some are married off to men they hardly know and who are chosen for them by the church.

    It has been reported that many young people have abandoned their studies and careers and left their families to live with church leaders at their various homes. CTMI is led by founder and televangelist Miki Hardy, who lived on a luxurious estate.

    The Concerned Parents Group was formed with the aim of restoring damaged relationships and educating others about the dangers of the church group. A common thread that runs through the stories of the parents is that their children have become alienated, robotic, and reluctant to participate in family gatherings.

    A 22 year - old girl who did not wish to be named attended the church from childhood and spent some time at the group’s headquarters in Mauritius stated: “They believe their way is the only way. They are not bad people, but they are elitist. They have stopped seeing reality. I’ve seen my good friends, girls of 18 and 19, give up their dreams because the church labelled them ‘worldly’ and ‘of the flesh’.

    “They’ve had their lives mapped out for them by the church and some have been married off to men chosen for them by the church, guys they hardly know. These girls had good relationships with their families, but not anymore. The church told them these are emotional relationships and not right, and they must distance themselves from their families. No one is forced to go to Mauritius, but they are strongly advised to move there. If you question the leadership and share your own views, then you are ostracised – that’s it. This is out of control.”

    What this girl says positively identifies this groups as a cult. Former members of the Jehovah' Witnesses, Mormons, Moonies, Scientologists etc will all identify with her utterances.

    This article is also posted on my blog.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    I am glad the article recognizes the similarities with Jehovah's Witness movement and that it correctly identifies the JWs as a cult.

    Thanks for posting - and for spreading the word, Jake.

    If even one mind can be freed because of your efforts - the world will be a better place.

    The Oracle

  • jakes

    I just received an e-mail from one of the parents of a girl mentioned in the article. The girl phoned her parents from Mauritius to tell them she is getting married to one of the church members. She is only 19 years old and the parents have never met this man.

    The parents suspect this is in retaliation to the article written in this past weekends newspapers. No doubt this is under the direction of the church leadership.

  • LouBelle

    Yes the girls are usually married off to men chosen by the church.

    I read that story over the weekend jakes and noticed the smililarities to the JW faith.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    This is why I never identify the cult I was brought up in.

    I had a chat to a guy tonight, who I have known for a few years but didn't know my background. He asked what cult I had belonged to, but, as usual, I just warned him that there are a huge number of cults wanting to recruit him and his new family and that we all need to be able to recognise cults by their attributes, not by their names.

    I directed him to a current TV show The Cult, which was on tonight.



  • kurtbethel

    This group barely shows up on the radar of search engines and news sites.

    It serves as a cautionary warning that our WT friends are merely a symptom of a larger problem with the human condition, which is a desire to control others and to submit to being controlled.

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