How to teach the bible from a non biased view point?

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  • xeracia

    Bieng raised a JW and out now....I have a very strange view point on the bible. Living in the bible belt, however, my children are surrounded by it constantly. So I know eventually I am going to have to teach them the bible basics or they are going to learn it somewhere. Does anyone know of a good book that teaches the Bible from a non biased viewpoint? I would prefer something that even gives a historical background. I'd like my children to know the accuracy behind it from scientific viewpoints and historical viewpoints, not "spiritual" and "faith" mumbo jumbo.

  • Elsewhere

    Have your kids read the first three chapters of Genisis and ask them to answer three questions using only the bible:

    1. What was created first: Humans or Animals? (A: Genesis chapter 1, Animals. Genesis chapter 2, Humans)

    2. Who lied? God or the Serpent? (A: God lied. God said they would die if they ate the fruit. They did not die and in fact they obtained the knowledge of good and evil just as the serpent predicted.)

    3. Why are humans not immortal? (A: Because the gods were afraid of humans and prevented them from eating from the tree of life. Gen. 3:22)

    Once they do that, they will never trust the god of the bible again.

  • xeracia

    Good points. Thanks for the response.

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