Typical. . . Late for my own party

by bigwilly 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • bigwilly

    Yep, as of November first I've been on JWD for 4 years. Damn how time flies! I was referred here by a couple of local exdubs I met through exjwmeetup and it's been a long journey. Between this and several other boards, I've covered alot of ground and experienced much personal growth. Whether it be the highlighting of issues with the borg, encouragement to think for myself or a chance to help others, my time online has been rewarding. A big thanks to you all!!!!

  • dinah

    This place has helped alot of folks.

    Happy Anniversary, BigWilly!

  • Heartbreaker

    4 years old!! From the pictures I was assuming at least 30 ;)

    All kidding aside, glad you are a member of the board, I like reading your posts. I hope I'm here too for a good long time.

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