Question about not shopping at thrift stores

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  • AuntBee

    Is there anything in writing on that? Or is that just something that gets passed around orally? Thanks. -- I was about to tell someone about it, but wasn't sure if i could prove it or not. THis friend is experiencing a family member converting to JW, and is really hurting. THe JW pressing the person to convert, just gave her a gift certificate to..........the thrift store! We did think it was kind of an odd gift, let alone the demon question. I told her, i guess she wants to make sure this teenager won't miss her Christmas too much!

  • blondie

    This is more or less a verbal warning that varies from congregation to congregation. jws are not supposed to shop at Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, or other religiously run thrift shops.

    As to going to garage sales, that was never an issue here or out west where we lived. In fact the elders wives would get the shopper stoppers and make a map of the ones they were going to on Friday am and started out as early as 7 a.m.

    Here the WTS even recommends shopping at thrift stores and garage sales.

    *** g84 12/8 p. 27 ‘I Have Nothing to Wear!’ ***Not to be overlooked are the large discount chain stores. These stores purchase brand-name clothes at prices 20 to 60 percent below regular department-store prices. Another possibility for savings is asking for the buyer or store manager, requesting a markdown on the price of a slightly damaged garment (stain, missing button, tear, seam opened). Further savings can be found at thrift shops, flea markets and garage or yard sales. And tremendous savings can be had if you follow the fabric sales and learn how to sew.

  • AuntBee

    Thanks, Blondie! I had read that some said they were taught to be wary of used stuff, because it might have demons. BUt i figured that perhaps it was just the view of some, not an official teaching. --- Personally, i LOVE thrift stores! :)

  • JWoods

    Didn't this get started as the "garage sale rumor" over some kind of antique mirror or chair, and then pick up a life of it's own?

  • babygirl30

    I specifically remember being told that JWs DO NOT shop at 'thrift' there was this nutty fear that the clothing could be demonized and/or the store could be funded by some other religious organization. But NOW - please - I don't know 1 JW that doesn't shop at the thrift shop and BRAGS about the deals they find....

    Shoot...I don't care where someone gets their clothes!

  • blondie

    babygirl30, there is nothing in the WTS publications that currently says that. I have been trying to find something early than 1984. As of today, in writing in the WTS publications, there is nothing saying you cannot shop at thrift stores, garage sales, etc., as long as they are not religiously run. It is all verbal by word of mouth. None of the congregations in this circuit say this and as I said all the elders wives are avid shoppers.

  • Casper
    NOW - please - I don't know 1 JW that doesn't shop at the thrift shop and BRAGS about the deals they find....

    Same in my old congregation, if it wasn't for thrift shops and yard sales, some of these people wouldn't have had anything.


  • JeffT

    I don't remember ever hearing anything "official" but I do remember a few witnesses that would go through the house and throw away stuff when ever anything went wrong in their lives.

  • JWoods

    There used to be an hour public talk outline (1970s era) on demons and demonism and I believe that it contained the anecdotal story about someone buying an old mirror in a yard sale and weird things starting to happen thereafter. There was also something about certain books being demonized and refusing to burn.

    This pecan-nut oddysey also went into the ramifications of sisters having nightly demon sex, ectoplasm, and all manner of other creepiness.

    It was, ironically, absolutely the most popular of all the hour talk outlines - positively an X-rated movie proxy for the excitement starved JWs.

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