Former JW Survey -- This time with results!

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  • Opus92

    Out of the many responses I received, I was only able to use 177. (This is still more than enough!) Responses were tossed if:

    • any of the questions were skipped
    • answers were vague (e.g., "I quit attending at age ###, but I stopped believing at ###.")
    • more than one answer per question (e.g., answering the "How old were you when you quit?" question with an age range instead of a one- or two-digit age.)
    • I just couldn't decipher the response.

    I still appreciate that so many people took the time to take the survey. I'm sorry that I couldn't use all the responses.


    Out of the 177, 88 were males and 89 were females. The average age for all respondents was 42 years. The average age at which someone quit the JW's was 32 years.

    The majority of the sample resided in the United States (68%), while the rest were disperesed between Canada (11%), the United Kingdom (10%), Australia (5%), South Africa (2%), Austria (1%), the Czech Republic (1%), Finland (1%), Hong Kong (1%), New Zealand (1%), Puerto Rico (1%), and Sweden (1%).


    More than half of the sample (63%) had not earned a degree, but more than half (66%) also had some education beyond high school. (It's not supposed to add up to 100% -- those who had "some college" but never got the degree fit into both groups.)

    6% didn't finish high school. 28% did. The largest category was those who had attended some college, but didn't earn a degree (29%). 11% had 2-year degrees; 19% had 4-year degrees; 7% had postgraduate degrees.

    Doin' Time

    More than half of the sample (55%) came into this world as JW's. 48% entered as children, while 18% converted as teens or adults.


    For ex-JW's? There are none. This is about as unscientific as it gets.

    For my class? I've got enough to earn a grade for the project, but I have more processing to do. Thanks again!

  • Hopscotch

    Glad we could help you get your grade Opus. The results were interesting to read through.

    All the best


  • daniel-p

    Wow, we're very even as far as sex goes... that really says something about the people seeking out other ex-jws. There are more women in the religion as a whole, but by this survey, it would seem there may be equal men and women leaving and seeking out ex-JW company.

  • Opus92

    I was floored by how evenly the sexes were represented. I originally thought there'd be more women since it seems there's so many more JW women than men. Now I think you're right about more even amounts of men and women leaving.

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