ARGH! My girlfriend is going back to religion!

by bohm 7 Replies latest jw friends

  • bohm

    ... she has joined 'church of the flying spaghetti monster' on facebook and is telling me about the correlation between global warming and pirates. I tried to talk her out of it, but she said nobody should tell her what she can do and cannot and besides she want a piercing. I settled for the spaghetti monster as the lesser of two evils ;-).

    Seriously, how much trouble would she get if the elders got wind of this?

  • mouthy

    She is right on 1 thing No one should tell you what she can believe

    But I am so sorry she is returning to religion, Wish she could go to the Creator

  • VoidEater

    Do your elders have a sense of humor? Would possession of a "Darwin fish" put them over the edge?

    It's a JOKE, but most don't have the ability to laugh at themselves.

    Besides, isn't FaceBook part of the great evil Internet?

    Then again, FSMism is sometimes called the "gateway religion" to Satanism (well, I just said it, and it's on a Website, so it must be true!)

  • bohm

    MOUTHY: dont worry, the COFSM is a spoof on certain creationists - during the recent trials about evolution/design in school a guy invented his own religion, and demanded it should be taught alongside intelligent design and evolution. you can read more here: The post is about her beginning to think about how silly the control is beginning to seem!. About Jesus - Well, its totally up to her how she will feel about religion. I think when it has been such a big part of her for so long, she should give the bible an honest chance and read it cover to cover and perhaps study what scholars think. But i wont preasure her, she is pretty tired of all things spiritual right now.

  • mouthy

    Oh sorry....I was not aware DAH!!!! Old age LOL

  • Robdar

    ARGH! Indeed!


  • SirNose586

    Ah, a fellow Pastafarian. May she be touched by His noodly appendage.

  • MissingLink

    One man's spoof is another man's religion. Pastafarianism is as valid as any of them. I like it's moral code and sense of community. And seeing fellow pastafarians in full pirate regalia gives a kind of other-worldly reverence and awe that you can feel in your gut. Put some grog in there, and you can feel his presence. Non-believers just wouldn't be able to relate.

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