Ladies, would you have preferred to talk to a female elder in the past?

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  • asilentone

    Ladies, Would you rather to confess your sins to a female elder rather than a male elder? I am sure a good number of you has already confessed to the elders. Well, I did confess to the elders 20 years ago because I felt so guilty and I did not want to die at Armageddon, Thanks a lot to the Watchtower for the guilt trips in their literature! While I am not a female, I would still like to get your thoughts would it be nice if you had a female elder to talk to? Just wondering.

  • meangirl

    Good question. I think on some matters women would be more comfortable talking to another woman. In order to understand certain situations I think you would need to go through them. There are some things men will never understand such as postpartum depression for example. I am not saying men cannot be compassionate about certain subjects but like the saying "you never understand a person until you walk in their shoes" certainly would apply.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    But meangirl, most women do not go through post partem depression, correct?

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