Witnesses prove that most people on the planet are 'good'.......

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  • awildflower

    I mean think about it..........I'm at a point where I don't believe Holy Spirit had anything to do with getting jw's out in the ministry and yet for my 15 very active jw years, I never once encountered a violent or even really rude person at the door, not even a mad dog! I know some people have but it's certainly NOT the majority. So in a round-about way we can thank the jw's for there work for proving just the opposite of what they preach which is, "most people are lost, living debauched lives of violence and hate , etc......" instead most people are very good! I know that jw's will say that "holy spirit protected them in the ministry and that's why the worst of the worst didn't happen to them", but take holy spirit out of it and it paints a different picture. Any thoughts?............wf

  • flipper

    AWILDFLOWER- I agree. Holy spirit had nothing to do with getting people out in the ministry. It was about " getting their hours or time in ". I was always the one who wanted to go on a coffee break, and if I was driving we ALWAYS went on a coffee break- as much as pioneers would bitch to me " I've gotta get my time in ! " But yes, most people were usually pleasant at the door. And of those that weren't - now I understand why they slammed doors in our faces. We were pushing mind control onto them - and they didn't WANT to be controlled. NOW I get it . Back then when I was a JW I didn't

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