automatically record phone when I call

by marcopolo 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • marcopolo

    know any program that I can download and put on my mobile phone to record phone calls when i call ?

    this have do automatically when I calle.

    thank very mucll all

  • Lillith26

    do you have a 'hands free' setting on your cell/mobile phone? do you have a video camera? combine both- film your self making the call on your cell phone........... if your phone is on loud speaker the camera should pick up the sound and coversation very clearly ;)

    and if any one asks- you did not learn this from me

    007Lillith aka Adam Bond's first Wife LOL

  • middleman

    Make sure that what state you're in it's legal, that is if you plan on not telling the other party. In many states this is a felony without doing so...

  • marcopolo

    I want this software of record so can hear my sons what them call. when same body call i can record on my pc

    i think who this is free in Italy for use family

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