Watchtower library 2008 availabe for download

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  • Fabricio

    The blog Watchtower Library provides the Watchtower Library 2008 for download in English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
    Besides the new book launched at the 2009 District Convention 'Keep on the Watch".

  • baltar447

    or there's bittorrent

  • Fatfreek

    Could someone please elaborate on the download choices (for the English version)? Thanks.

    System Requirements
    Microsoft Windows XP / Vista or later
    Requires 32 MB RAM
    80 MB of free disk space (up to 500 MB for full installation on your hard disk)
    Iso format:
    Lodging: Megaupload
    File Size: 376 MB
    Download: Here
    Files CD Contents:
    Lodging: Sendspace
    Size of files: 322 MB
    Download: Part 1; Part 2

  • Fabricio

    It took 11 days to download the Library in Spanish by the torrent pirate bay. For Megaupload I takes 20 minutes.

  • Fatfreek

    Thanks, Fabrico.

    I'm on a slower connection so it took a few hours. But, not a problem.

    Using Vista, Unzip the zip file to the raw file with the ISO extention. Then burn the ISO image to a blank CD. (I needed an image burner, no longer having access to my Nero package from my old machine. I searched for and downloaded and installed ImgBurn, a free (and good) image burning software.)

    Next, install WT library.

    Finally, use the Watchtower's own quotations to show JW's they really did say that!


  • jamiebowers
  • Fabricio

    Fatfreek, you're Welcome.

    So far, 71 people have downloaded the watchtower library in English.
    Enjoy while the links are active.

  • yknot

    Let us know when you get WTCD 2009 next year!

    Great job on the site too!

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