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  • rockmehardplace

    today was an odd day for me. i was on my way to work and stopped for a quick cup of coffee and went into the local coffee chain establishment. to my surprise, there was two couples from the kh talking at one of the tables. i said a quick hello, moved over to get in line and order. i could overhear the couples talk about a young sister who married outside of the org. they were saying that the husband is inclined toward jehovah and the meetings but she pushes him away. they were talking about her lack of obeying the headship rule. this coming from two of the biggest breakers of the headship rule. best of all, i know this young girls husband, he works for a relative of my wife's. i know for a fact the reason he does not go to the kh is because he thinks most of the people are gossip hounds and very unfriendly once you get to know them. he is right. so i was leaving and i told them to have a good day and then stopped and was about to tell them why he doesnt come. i didnt. i should have. i also hate the headship rule anyway. funny how blinded people can be to why others have problems with the org.

  • wobble

    Itt is neveranything wrong with the Org and or its teachings, it is always the individual who is wrong,in their view.



  • Goshawk

    Flashbacks to the gossiping elderettes.

    Get on their bad side and life was pure misery.

  • yknot

    I think you should make a point of off handedly sharing the gossip you overheard with the couple.........

  • VoidEater

    ...but it would be inappropriate to tell the gossipers the motivations of others. Let the guy and his wife have their peace, do you really need to tarnish his reputation in a new way in the gossipers minds?

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