Did I get through to the Dubs ?Did they LISTEN ?

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  • wobble

    I have just had a couple of hours talking to my Bro in Law and some of the time my sister (she had to go and do an errand for a half hour or so)

    The other day my B.I.L gave me the "I hope one day your sons will come back to the truth" bilge. My sons are grown men with university educations so I don't think so.

    But I used it as a springboard to say "I may be able to convince them there is a God (I don't believe I could do that, in truth) but then they will say to me ,"which church should we go to, which is God's organization ?"

    So , how would you prove JW's are ? ( I asked for their direction on this) {I said "bear in mind every piece of evidence will be looked at by two analytical minds"]

    They then went through the gamut of "proofs" and I showed them how the "boys" would treat each bit of their evidence, I even got them thinking about the 1919 FDS "appointment".

    My Bro in law ended by saying he was happy with his choice and happy not to look closely at things like 1919 (happy in his ignorance and cognitive dissonance in reality)

    So I said my boys would not be happy to choose the whole JW package without some proof that stands up to scrutiny.

    I do not think though that much progress has been made with him, and less with my culty-dubby sister who spouts all the WT hogwash as though it is proven,when none of it stands up.

    I think though I have planted some awkward little seeds, I certainly hope so, at least I hope I have shaken them from their arrogant view that they have the "truth" without question, they are now on the back foot.

    So there is my Field Service Report 2hrs. and 2 RV's and F'all progress !



  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    Good job!

    I do not think though that much progress has been made with him, and less with my culty-dubby sister who spouts all the WT hogwash as though it is proven,when none of it stands up.

    These things take time. Add this to something else that happenned/happens in their lives, and it may be the straw that breaks the cammels back.

  • isaacaustin

    Even when it seems as though you have gotten thru to the JWs, remember they have a selective memory and will likely forget all that was discussed and move on as though they proved their points to you

  • sspo

    The JW's brag about using God's name.

    How about having a serious discussion on that and showing that no one in the 1st century used his name, not even Jesus.

  • wobble


    I had afew words on just that at the end of our discussion, my sister was astounded that the oldest manuscripts of the NT did not contain the divine name. She said "yes they did,we had an article on it," I said I had read that article and it was not referring to the oldest MS.

    She came back with "Well if they took it out, it should be put back" I then said you have no proof it was there in the first place, maybe the writers in the first century never wrote it in any form ,just used Kyrios, Lord. She had no answer.

    She then went on about how they use jehovah and no one else does (WHAT) so I said "Church of Yahweh ? etc etc" she said t "there you are, they cannot bring themselves to say Jehovah" so I pointed out Jehovah is the Anglisising of a name invented by a14th century monk, and Yahweh or Yehowah were probably closer to correct.

    I had a long talk,but as Isaacaustin wisely points out, probably pearls before swine,as my title says, did they listen ? I doubt it.

    The problem of the cult influence is so big that you cannot reason with them.



  • moshe

    They belong to the WT tribe and can't see themselves leaving that club. The final argument for many JW's is that they go door2door, use Jehovah and a bunch of things they don't do, like birthdays. They don't care about wrong dates and changed teachings enough to leave the KH. Trying to prove to a JW that they are in a phoney religion is as hard as Saddam Hussein trying to prove he didn't have any WMD's. Short of digging up every square foot of Iraqi soil, he could never prove a negative.

  • Farkel

    You know, it's funny what things provide the break through for JWs to finally "get it." It's a very individual thing. For me, the doctrine took second place to the bullshit backstabbing and hypocrisy surrounding me in the religion.

    I knew a fellow who had read extensively on WT policy and doctrine. You know, all the nasty stuff: lies, false prophecies, flip flops, cover-ups. All of it. But guess what did it for him? It was the U.N. NGO hypocrisy. To him that was the biggie!

    Others blow away all the facts surrounding child rape cover-ups and duplicity, and then snap over something I might consider to be a relatively small issue.

    You just never know. As Forrest Gump said: "it's like a box of chocolates."


  • undercover

    Good job, wobble. Maybe you planted a seed that might take root later. It's rare to convince a JW of the error of his ways immediately. It's not till they doubt something or question something on their own that the evidence and logic and reasoning start to work.

    It's as Farkel pointed out, each person has their own "breakthrough" if/when it happens. For some, it's the hypocrisy, some the failed predictions, others the unloving atmosphere of a congregation.

    If you got your B-I-L thinking about 1919, maybe that will be the route to his thinking about prophecy and how it relates to the WTS. If the WT chronology can be defeated in his mind eventually, it may push him to researching even more. Once a honest minded person starts his own independant research on the WTS, it's not that long before they're on their way out.

  • bluecanary

    I like the way you handled that wobble. Telling him the things your sons would probably say, rather than making it about convincing you.

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