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    I always think about the thousands of jw's who have lost thier lives over the years by refusing blood transfusions, but sometimes i forget about all those poor witnesses who died in concentration camps during WW2. When i was a jw i would comfort myself with the thought that although those brothers suffered, they were doing it for Jehovah. Now i realise what a needless, tragic waste of precious human life that really was it makes me so sad. There is so much blood on the hands of the WBTS that if there is a God i really wouldn't want to be in their shoes on judgement day!

    BorgHater x

  • lifelong humanist
    lifelong humanist


    I think that I might just know a bit about how you probably feel. When my wife had our second child (born by a CS as the little blighter was in the wrong position) a blood transfusion was a total no-no. Even as a then JW I had my reservations, but not my JW wife!

    Fortunately, she and our newborn son (Robin) both came through the potentially life-thtreatening situation just fine. I put that down entirely to the high quality skills of the open-minded Hindu doctor's expertise and dedication. However, I did pause to think what might have happened if the Indian doctor's skills were somewhat lacking. He was so totally sympathetic to the often fluctuating, weird JW belief on blood - he was a lucky find!.

    Thirty three years later, I look back in horror as to what might have been, and just am so grateful that things worked out so well.

    Not everyone has had such an easy experience though - many mothers and children have died. And why? All because of an extremely narrow interpretation by the cult members of the WT society of some pretty ambiguous texts from a very old book that has been translated many, many times. Absolutely tragic, and yes, I believe the rule makers have total responsibility for the loss of life of members willingly going along with what they understand to be the latest interpretation of blood policy. Somehow, I don't think they'll ever accept their responsibility in this issue, though.

    The weird, inconsistent, fluctuating JW view on blood has fascinated me for a long time. Blood transfusions only became an issue in the 1940's. Prior to that it was a matter of individual conscience. Now, it seems to be a total shambles! Blood fractions are now OK?

    Could this just be precursor to a future statement absolving the WTS of all/any responsibility to the countless victims trying so hard to adhere to the latest cult's statement on a totally fudged issue? Personally, I think that money talks and it is just a matter of time before the entire blood issue is left to embers as a conscience matter. THey'll wriggle out of most lawsuits against them then. Someone, somewhere has to hit them hard, now!

    For me, the game's up, and someone with lots of cash will soon win a huge case settlement against the WT that will make the damages paid to the many molested children pale into insignificance.

    People can only be lied to and treated with contempt for so long before their cry is bound to be upheld by the lawmakers in our society that are determined to see justice prevail!

    If you are an active JW, then think seriously about where you stand on this, and many other issues. I could go on about concentration camp situations, but don't want to, for personal reasons...


  • QuestioningEverything

    One year and 3 months ago, I would have refused a blood transfusion for my sons. I think about that now and get sick to my stomach. I am furious that the WTBS continues to lie to the people. And I am furious that they lied to me. My heart goes out to all who have had that decision before them.

  • chickpea

    yeah, lemme tell you my hope is to see the b0rg hit
    right where it hurts them the most... in the old cha-ching!!

    too bad it will be on account of a tragedy based on misguided belief

    i second your response, questioning everything

    i am HORRIFIED to think i might have made a decision
    that led to the death of a child because of a cult....
    i WOULD HAVE DONE IT!!!!!!

    gives me a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach

    decidedly has turned me off from religiosity in every form
    where a higher power is the influence.....

  • BorgHater

    I get so mad at the thought of all those wasted lives, i can't imagine how i would feel if i had lost a loved one through this disgusting policy.

    Humanist - you were indeed very lucky to have had such a skilled and sympathetic surgen, the outcome could easily have been different. I agree completely with with your thoughts on the way the WT is probably heading towards phasing out the blood ban and then wriggling out of any responsibility. For the sake of all the ordinary jw's still trapped in this cult i hope they do lift the ban, but i also hope the decision will come back to bite the WBTS in the backside when they start getting sued left right and centre.

    BorgHater x

  • bluecanary

    I was going to begin a new thread to post something I read last night, but this is the perfect place for it. I'm reading The Fourth Queen by Debbie Taylor.

  • bluecanary

    Sorry, my post got cut off. The following passage is from the point of view of a Christian man who was captured in the 18th century, to be head eunich of the Emperor of Morocco's Harem. All such persons must take a vow renouncing their faith, and accepting Islam.

    "Faced four years ago with the selfsame dilemma, I spoke my denial of Our Good Lord without a second's hesitation, comfortable in the knowledge of His Almighty capacity for Empathy. Thus did I avoid a most uncomfortable grilling, tied to a spit and rotisseried like a marinated grouse.

    "An act of cowardice, you say? Yet the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven are brandished by just such a yellow-belly as I. For wasn't Saint Peter the most abject of all cowards, who, when mildly questioned by a Roman thug, divorced his Lord not once, but three times?

    "I have been likewise rewarded for my cowardice. For is not the Harem a veritable micro-Heaven? And do I not carry the keys to this Heaven on my belt? So when we meet, Saint Peter and I, on some soft future cloud, he will wink and invite me in for a game of whist, to the vexation of those fools who suffered more for their Faith. For I feel sure our Good Shepherd does not take kindly to martyrs and looks on their sacrifice as a mockery of His gift of Life. Thus to choose Death is not evidence of brave Faith but none other than overweening Obstinacy."

  • bluecanary

    Eunuch. Grr, the edit feature is NOT working.

  • BorgHater

    That's a really interesting excerpt bluecanary, he certainly makes a good point IMO. I like the part where he says 'For i feel sure our Good Shepherd does not take kindly to martyrs and looks on their sacrifice as a mockery of His gift for life.' That is the same point many of us often make on this forum in regard to the blood doctrine.

    BorgHater x

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