Hard times for Target employees

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  • moshe

    I had a part time job at the Local target store and I noticed in June they started cutting hours-consolidating positions. Many who were formerly fulltime with very good medical benefits found themselves with only 15 hours of work each week and expensive prescriptions that were no longer covered by insurance. When I moved this summer I was transferred to a store down here in Florida and they refused to give me any hours. They attempted to hand me off to another store and after a month with no takers the store manager just decided to 'terminate' me. He explained they had too many employees who were only getting 15 hours a week who needed fulltime hours. Target prides itself as a fun place to work, but the fun had all but gone for many. I applied for unemployment and Target did not contest it. The recession is not ending yet, if sales at the local Target store are any indication. Anyone else have any stories similar to this?

  • sacolton

    Isn't it called Jimget now?

  • keeshondgirl

    My husbands brother works there and he is always having his hours cut back to like 3 days a week. He was working many hours for a while then cut him back. It seems like they have many employees who don't work that often.

  • Elsewhere

    That sucks... for what it's worth, given the choice between shopping at Target or Walmart, I always choose Target.

    (I don't like Walmart's business practices or how it treats its employees.)

    At least they did try to move you to another store.

  • undercover
    given the choice between shopping at Target or Walmart, I always choose Target.
    (I don't like Walmart's business practices or how it treats its employees.)

    Yea, but...

    Can Target give you the oppurtunity to add content to this kind of website:


  • jeeprube

    Why hire a few employees and pay them benefits when you can hire a bunch of employees and pay them no benefits? Classic corporate thinking. It will only get worse.

  • moshe

    I also think Target is cutting hours in order to cut fulltime benefits, which are probably quite a bit cost wise for the company. One of the guys I was working with bragged about how great the medical benefits are for fulltime employees at Target and how it is a big secret. In a normal economy, when they cut these fulltime workers hours they would just go find another job with medical benefits. Now they are just stuck between a rock and a hard place. They can look for new fulltime work, but it is mostly unavailable right now. People have 10-15-20 years with Target and they hate to throw all the time away and start over with zero vacation. HR told me it is in the fine print of the Target employee handbook- nobody is guaranteed fulltime hours, except salaried employees.

  • WTWizard

    No wonder people are not shopping there much. The worse they treat the employees when they think they can get away with it, the worse the employees are going to treat the company. There will be things like rude service, cashier shortages (leading to excess waiting time at the registers), late time in getting holiday and seasonal merchandise on the shelves, and dirty stores. This will ensure that what little money people have to spend will be spent at L.L.Beans (where they will get real quality) or other specialty stores that sell good products. And then they will not have to return to Target any time soon to replace crap products they sell.

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