Religious life won't be the same after downturn

by darthfader 2 Replies latest social current

  • darthfader

    How many will wonder why God is not providing? How many will loose faith? Why are so many religions interconnected with money?

    Inquiring minds want to know..

    Darth Fader

  • moshe

    Interesting story. I am pretty sure that despite the bad economy some parents will find a way to send their kids to private religious schools- especially, if they live in say, Mississippi.

  • yknot

    Not too much in my area......

    Xian private schools are all doing well.....

    Churches are seeing more attending....

    If the WTS was still making money on KH loans/builds.......we would be building a bigger KH now because of we are nearly filled on both Sunday and Tuesday.

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