Tesla & Fisker line up for U.S. $$$$ -

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  • JWoods

    These are a pair of fairly exotic "green technology" sports cars (well, sports sedan in the case of Fisker). The Tesla costs 110K. The Fisker is promised to cost 90K (if we ever see one in real life). Fisker is not even made here or a U.S. company.

    Tesla was reported on the news this AM to have been given about 450 million. Fisker was just announced to receive 550 million.

    Is this a wise use of about a billion dollars in this time and age? Is this going to make any economic sense? Does it make any environmental sense?

    I think it makes sense to Al Gore - he was beaming all smiles this morning over the Fisker deal. Wonder how much interest he has in each.

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