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  • Newborn

    Heard they have a new song book. Has anyone heard/seen them? Just curious about the lyrics...if they are more modern or the same



  • AnnOMaly

    Here's a list of comparisons.

    Oh, and from what I've seen, there's one song (Fear Them Not) where the chorus lyrics from the red songbook have been reinstituted. They altered some lyrics from some of the old 'favorites' (that'll take getting used to for the old-timers) and they tweaked about with some of the melodies.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Go to the official website, download section, open a pint of piss and a packet of peanuts and have a little sing-along.

    I won't be joining in.



  • WTWizard

    Another waste of paper. They have lyrics that are intended to back up their brainwashing sessions (including all boasting sessions as well as informal ones), set to some poorly written "music" that sounds to me like what heavy metal and disco did to my grandfather (atrocious), and rant so much about it that the witlesses are going to dig it all up. And, "With so many beautiful new songs, why would anyone want to listen to worldly music" is going to be the buzz phrase when these CDs get played in field circus.

    I think I would rather wait until the new season of Christmas songs gets released. From all the Christmas songs from previous years I have found, some of those songs are actually very good.

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