Love or duty ?

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    My wife (twink) and I left the org. 6years ago after 30 years of manipulation by the system that is controlled by men.

    The both of us have finished with ALL religions…………..But remain firm in our beleif in God and Jesus Christ !!.

    The last 18 months we have been looking after twink’s mum at our home after dad died, she now suffers from Alzheimer’s which now causes a great deal of effort to keep abreast of demands made by the illness.

    Mum, every fortnight wants to be taken to church (she has been a catholic all her life 93 years old).

    Twink has no reservations about taken her, and sits out the meeting with her, under sufferance of what they get up too.

    The question to any witness who may be reading this is, if she was still a witness, how would her actions be viewed.

    Would her act of love towards her mother be accepted by the Org…………..or would she be answerable to the mighty glorious ones for mixing with Babylon the great?

    What is more important LOVE ……………or DUTY to the ORG.


  • wantstoleave

    Well, if it was my 93yr old mother, I would sit with her, JW or not :) My parents take my catholic nanna to church every week, and they are JW's. Granted they don't sit there with her (she is still hip and has her own but if it came to it, I would sit there with her. I think love wins out in this case.

  • PSacramento

    According to Paul, the greatest of al things is Love.

    According to Jesus, Love is the greast of all things and a sure sign that someone is a Christian is that they Love.

    Duty? A christian has a duty to LOVE his fellow man, that is his duty ( of course Loving God and Jesus is a given for all Christians are taught that, as God and Jesus love us, so do we love each other) anythign else is man-made.

    Christians have a Duty to Jesus Christ and to Our Heavenly father, period.

  • bluecanary

    Who was it in the Bible that had to help his lord bow down before an idol and he was excused for this? Some BOEs might take that into consideration. Some might be totally hardassed. Isn't the unity that the JWs have wonderful?

  • sd-7

    Speaking from personal experience, duty to the Borg is all that matters. Clearly, love is irrelevant. Relatives are irrelevant. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

  • straightshooter

    Sadly the BORG would view taking mum to a Catholic Church meeting as wrong. The WTS says to flee from Babylon the Great.

    The individual you are thinking about is Naaman, the Syrian Army Officer. According the it-2 p. 456 under Naaman, it says that he became a worshipper of Jehovah. He requested that Jehovah forgive him when, in the performance of his civil duties, that he help the king in bowing to the god Rimmon. Hence the WTS says that his bowing would be mechancial, being solely for the prupose of dutifully supporting the king's body and not in personal worship.

    What is the difference between Naaman helping the king and a family member helping their mum? But this is another example of the WTS double speak.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    It's so kind of you to take care of your wife's mother. I would think that in this case, one would be allowed to sit with their mother. It probably depends a lot on the particular elders involved.

    I always purchase my parents cigarettes for them when they are too ill to go to the store. Always wondered what would happen if a jw saw me?

  • PSacramento

    All things being equal, that Borg queen was kind of hot, in a naughty gothic S&M kind-of-way.

  • jamiebowers

    If I would've been in your wife's situation while I was a jw, I would've been terrified to go inside a church due to all of the demons jumping around in those places!

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