Anyone watching "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" tonight?

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  • frozen one
    frozen one

    This episode was filmed last summer in my area and was a big deal while the production crew was in town. Kind of neat to see the finished product.

  • coffee_black

    I've watched quite a few episodes. The company I work for has donated the windows for a large percentage of the projects.


  • dissed

    The Frozen One

    No plans to watch. We used to really enjoy the show until they built a house on our street.

    It was a great experience. We got to know the crew, production and actors well. They were awsome.

    But learned so much was staged that we lost interest in the show.

    The drive up at the end was refilmed at least 8 times. The director wanting us to yell louder or the family to act more surprised. The family are good friends and most appreciative, but said it was hard for them to act surprised after the 2nd run up.

    We had 5 TV news crews come to our house and interview us.

    The show people fed us and the neighborhood, most of the time, insisted on it. We actually suggested one idea they put on the show. Gave us credit on the credits. haha

    Because of the noise, around the clock, they offered nice hotel rooms for any one who cared.

    It reminded me of the KH quick build program, except they were loaded with money, lots of it.

    A JW noticed me while working on the roof. He hadn't seen me in years, we worked on the RBC together, and was excited to see us. Until his wife came by and mentioned we were out. haha

  • AdaMakawee

    Dissed, most reality tv is pretty staged. In this case, though, I forgive them. They're doing a good thing.


  • dissed


    They did some great things for this family. The show just lost some of the appeal and we lost interest.

    Also...Ty accidentally forgot something for my daughter and apologized to her. Got all the crew to sign her shirt to make up for it. The actors were just great and took time to greet the whole neighborhood.

    But the guy was such a phony on the screen. The crew would role their eyes when he talked and never took him seriously.

    After you saw the behind the scenes stuff, it wasn't the same. Sort of like the WTS. lol

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    I had not watched the show before tonight. I thought the production crew did a nice job of showcasing the project and the area. Today's paper had an article about the family who lives there. It mentioned that lots of people still drive by to look at the house and some knock on the door wanting a tour. The article also mentioned that a few people are upset the Huber's were selected at all and aren't shy to share their feelings about it. I do have to wonder what the taxes are going to be on the place. I'm thinking that a little sticker shock will occur when they get the bill.

  • dissed

    Frozen one

    Yeah, our friends call them "drive by shootings" people stop, get out and take a picture. And yes, they give tours and are happy to do so. Some, people have been so inspired they stop to give some very nice gifts.

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