Google Flu Trends - Google can predict the flu... very cool.

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  • Elsewhere

    Main Website:

    For US:

    How it works:

    Looks like the US is having very bad flu season. The number of people with the flu very high and people are getting it sooner (now) as opposed to later (normally around Jan. or Feb).

    Texas is particularly bad.

  • purplesofa

    My nephew was out of school all last week with Swine flu. I see on the map Arkansas is rated High.

    The daycare my grand daughter goes to has been exposed a well.

    I am hearing more and more reports of it being in the schools.

    I guess waiting six weeks for the vaccine to come out before starting school

    was something that could not be done. Would have been nice to get the kiddos

    vaccinated before school started.


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