The quadrune Beatles

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    An excerpt from the book "The Quarrymen," 2001, by Hunter
    Davies has it that in 1968 (I think this would be right after
    the trip to India), according to John's childhood friend Pete

    “One night, after a few joints, a bit of LSD, we were sitting around
    at Kenwood playing tapes when John suddenly said: ’Pete, I think
    I’m Jesus Christ.’ ’You what?’ I said. ’I’m Jesus Christ. I’m back
    again.’ ’Oh yeah,’ I said. ’What are you going to do about it?’
    ’I’ve got to tell the world who I am.’ ’They’ll kill you.’ ’That
    can’t be helped,’ said John. ’How old was Jesus when they killed
    him?’ ’I reckon about 32.’ ’Then I’ve got at least four years to
    go,’ said John. ’First thing tomorrow morning, we’ll go into Apple
    and tell the others.’

    Next morning, Pete contacted Apple to arrange an emergency
    board meeting. All four Beatles turned up, plus Neil Aspinall
    (once the Beatles’ roadie, later Apple’s managing director)
    and Derek Taylor, their press officer. "Right," said John,
    sitting behind his desk. "I’ve something very important to tell you all. I
    am...Jesus Christ. I have come back again. This is my thing."

    The Beatles looked rather stunned, but said nothing. "It was totally sur-
    real," says Pete. "But nobody cross-examined him. No plans were made to announce
    the Messiah’s arrival. There was a bit of muttering, then silence, till somebody
    suggested the meeting was adjourned for lunch.' In the restaurant over lunch a
    man came up to John and said: ’Really nice to meet you, how are you?’ ’Actual-
    ly,’ said John, ’I’m Jesus Christ.’ ’Oh, really,’ said the man. ’Well, I liked
    your last record.’“

    Of course, his writing partner would be apostle Paul. I can imagine the
    arguments during "Let It Be"--"Forgive me, Lord--I'll play a C chord."

    That would explain "They're gonna crucify me" in "The Ballad of John and

    I wonder if John's hair and beard at the end of the group were supposed to
    look Jesus-y, and if George was ribbing John with "Here Comes the Sun" (Son)?
    (Maybe "My Sweet Lord" was partly due to John being a Phil Spector fan, too?)

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  • JimmyPage

    My brother-in-law said when he used to do drugs that he thought he was Jim Morrison. He would go around getting high listening to the Doors.

    I took a CD on a drive with him and he knew the words to all the Doors songs- not just the hits, but the obscure ones as well.

    I don't know who Jim Morrison thought he was when he was high. I guess whoever the Lizard King is.

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