Looking for specific Watchtower quotes. Blondie types, can you please help?

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    Hi, as part of some research I am doing I am trying to find quotes from Watchtower publications (or newspapers, etc) on the following:

    • Summing up their quick-build policy and how successful it is
    • The criteria and policy on when congregations should split if they get too large, if this exists (eg, elders manuals, CO manuals)
    • Any quotes which may illustrate how the organisation reproduces and grows it's congregations in a fractal fashion, eg, like a franchise in the nature of McDonalds and similar networked, self-reproducing organisations.

    Anything you can come up with would be much appreciated.



  • StoneWall

    Yadda not sure if this is what you're after but here is an article from the 8/97 km page 3. (off of the WT CD)

    Kingdom Hall Construction in the United States

    1 When we look at the worldwide field, it is heartwarming to see the grand increase being experienced by Jehovah’s earthly organization. Last year in the United States alone, 246 new congregations were formed, while a total of 3,288 congregations were added worldwide. With all this growth, it is not surprising that there is a need for more Kingdom Halls.

    2 Many brothers and sisters show outstanding zeal and support for Jehovah’s organization by volunteering their time and assets in Kingdom Hall construction. The 75 Regional Building Committees operating in the contiguous United States care for the needs of about 140 congregations each in their assigned region. Every year, approximately 200 new Kingdom Halls are built and another 200 are renovated. The regional committees have been entrusted with the oversight of these projects, and their labors are appreciated. The entire arrangement for Kingdom Hall construction is accomplished through the Christian spirit of giving and self-sacrifice—the opposite of the spirit so commonly displayed in the world.—2 Tim. 3:2, 4.

    3 To assist in standardizing Kingdom Halls, the Society has supplied regional committees with a U.S. standard Kingdom Hall design package containing plans on CAD (Computer Aided Design/Drafting). This has helped to economize both the time and the resources of volunteer workers. It has also assisted in the wise administration of the Society Kingdom Hall Fund. Elders now make their selection from these basic designs. After receiving this new tool, one Regional Building Committee stated: “We were very pleased and indeed quite excited to receive the design package. . . . Brothers experienced in architecture and engineering have estimated a saving in time of 50 to 60 percent by using these new designs. Having this package will also help us achieve more uniform, consistent standards for Kingdom Halls.” As congregations cooperate in supporting the standardization of Kingdom Halls, we anticipate that the load of the many dedicated architects, engineers, and contractors who voluntarily offer their assistance will be considerably lightened.

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