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  • rockmehardplace

    i am traveling on business for my job and decided to stay a few extra days with some clients to resolve some issues instead of coming home for the weekend. it works well for me since i will be able to skip a dinner that i was supposed to attend with some jws. i was going to come home today but decided against it. as i was finishing my arrangements at the hotel to stay longer, i received an email on my phone. it was one of my wife's relatives. email said that it had been awhile since they seen the wife and me at the meeting. wanted to know how we were. wanted to see if everything was ok. asked me to call when i got back tonight. i replied back with this - staying a few extra days. all is well at home. what do you need?

    i should have stopped at the all is well at home comment.

    a reply came back a little later. the relative says - worried about you. hope you know we all care about the both of you. you seem to have drawn away from the meetings and from family and from jehovah. we really need to talk. they then proceed to quote scriptures and experiences and point out things that have bothered them about my lack of attendance and caring.

    i have yet to respond back. with all the technology in the world, has anyone else found that people will say more using email than they would to you in person?

  • Finally-Free
    you seem to have drawn away from the meetings and from family and from jehovah. we really need to talk.

    Why? Can't Jehovah speak for himself? If he is truly the almighty he shouldn't need mere humans to police his relationships with people.

    I'm a bigmouth so I can say it in person or via email.


  • leavingwt

    Yes. People will say things by phone/text/email that they might not necessarily say to you in person.

    This is because they are not in fear of being instantly punched in the face.

  • mindmelda

    LOL...I've gotten to where I don't complain to my mom on the phone about anything that might be wrong in my life (you know, normal stuff that goes wrong) because I get the "It's because you don't pray/go to meetings/study the Watchtower etc that that's happening to you.

    Interesting that it's never "you don't read the Bible enough" but that I don't "study the Watchtower" or "pay attention to what the Watchtower says".

    But, I do pray/meditate and I do still read the Bible. Well, it's the Good News Bible these days, not the JW Revisionist Version. And I have no dealings with the JW version of God. Because he's a mean, irrational SOB, and we're not on speaking terms anymore. LOL

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