Guess what I found in an old file cabinet in the Garage

by xelder 6 Replies latest jw experiences

  • xelder

    A bunch of blank congregation checks from when I filled in as the account servant many years ago. And, I can copy the PO's signature pretty well - LOL

    If it wasn't illegal I would make out $1.00 checks to the salvation Army, Catholic Church, Homeless Shelter (then they would be giving to charity - oh my)

    I could redeposit cash into the box at the cong so I know that I didn't really steal.

    I would love to watch them scramble to figure it out

  • Joshnaz

    I wouldn't do that. I went through hell after my wife and I robbed banks through check fraud. To this day I'm still not allowed to have a bank acount.

  • JeffT

    Yeah, sounds funny but banks don't have a sense of humor. There's no way to prove you put cash in the contribution box.

    If you want a legal laugh at the congregation, tear the signature block out so the checks aren't usable and mail them to the PO. You could put in a note that you found them, and being a good and honest apostate you wanted to return them. Ask him that is an experience he'll send to the Awake.

  • AdaMakawee

    Ok well there is another way to do something just as "evil" without having the illegality aspect. Make donations in the name of the local congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, say to Planned Parenthood, to your local Gay and Lesbian group, to the Catholic Charities, you get the idea. Even for $5.00 they should send a thank you card. Or save it up for special occasions and go all out with $10.00 or $20.00. You just have to have the mailing address. Should be on the checks, lol.


  • AdaMakawee

    Oh, I meant with your own money, obviously. Sorry I wasn't clear.

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    If they can't be traced back to you, make a huge donation to the Red Cross. If it is over $250.00 they can write it off, maybe pretty handy the way countries are looking into their finances and slave labor lately.

  • MissingLink

    Just send a large contribution to watchtower HQ. Then watch the local congregation TRY to get it back! The money only flows one way.

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