Huge baby!

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  • crapola

    Did you hear about the 19 lb baby? He's huge. But cute. I'd hate to have been the poor thing that gave birth to him!

  • dinah

    OUCH!!!! I saw that this morning

  • bluecanary

    A lot of weird birth stories this week. There's the woman who's pregnant with a kid that's not hers. She has to give it back to the rightful parents. Then there's the woman that got pregnant. And two weeks later got pregnant with a second one. They're not twins, just two separate pregnancies at the same time. WTF?

  • BorgHater

    19 pounds? Ouchy, my eyes are watering!!

    I wanna see a pic of the little cutie

  • Joshnaz
  • crapola

    Joshnaz, thanks for the link to read about the baby. It would be so hard to treat a baby that size like a newborn or it seems like it would be. I've heard that diabetes can cause that problem so he's probably lucky to to alive and healthy.

  • Farkel

    Joan Rivers was once asked by a man to describe the pain involved in having a baby. She said, "just put two fingers on each side of your mouth and pull your lips over your ears."


    19 pounds? Triple ouch!

    Farkel, Male Coward CLASS

  • wantstoleave

    Oooooucccch!! Anyone got links to the other stories bluecanary talked about?

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