Time Magazine Article on Beth Sarim

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  • lumper

    We have a Jw who works at the local convenience store my son worked at for a while. When confronted with any inconsistency in the Jw doctrine the response is always the same-"the light continues to get brighter." I printed off the Time article for him, I could tell him about the night they spent on the Brooklyn bridge in white sheets waiting for Jesus in 1919 (Faith on the March by A.H. McMillon) When they recycled princes on the earth in the early seventies and the poor deluded folks are programmed to say"duh-....... the light keeps getting brighter" We that have escaped need to be like Paul when he talked about the great burden that he held for his brethren; for after all at one time we were in theri shoes.

  • snowbird

    I've read that article at several sites.

    Say hey to Dawg for me, ok?

    I hope his musical aspirations are bearing fruit.


  • dissed

    That's pretty cool. Rutherford running the cult from San Diego with his mistress by his side.

    Out of all the cults they mentioned. Which one sounded the strangest?

    And God chose this one to represent him on Earth?!

  • jamiebowers

    Lumper, I know most active jws will respond with the "light gets brighter" nonsense. But I posted this article, because I was shocked, SHOCKED, I say, that the WTB&TS was referred to as a cult so long ago.

    Snowbird, Dawg is doing fine. He moved to Nashville, is still working a day job, but he's also writing and recording his music.


    And God chose this one to represent him on Earth?!
    It would be funny if it wasn't so sad!
  • Farkel

    There were a number of factual errors in that article. This leads me to conclude that it is quite possible the writers must have once worked on The Golden Age magazine.

    Joseph Frederick Rutherford?


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