My First Halloween

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  • TheClarinetist

    This year is going to be my first halloween away from the JW parents. What should I dress as? Some of my dorm mates suggested dressing up as a JW, complete with "Washtowel" and "Asleep!" magazines about the evils of halloween (with those titles, I can get them printed on campus. ). They're even planning on taking a group trick-or-treating just to see if anyone will give a bunch of college students candy.

    I don't think the JW costume will work though (the local congregation hasn't figured out where I've been hiding yet). Any other ideas?

  • QuestioningEverything

    I went as a prisoner last year and my husband was dressed as a Judge complete with the gavel. It was very fun. .

  • Finally-Free

    Make sure you knock on some elders doors to offer your versions of the magazines.


  • bluecanary

    I would recommend dressing up as something other than a jw. You've probably done that your whole life. Why not do something different and fun? You could get a sweater and tie a bunch of stuffed cats to it, muss up your hair--go as the crazy cat lady. Or come up with a crazy concept costume like free will or missing persons.

  • Jadeen

    I'm thinking about going as a zombie this year. I was going to be Alice in Wonderland, but all the costumes that I've seen are kind of skanky. I was going to make a dress, but I don't really have the talent.

  • Cthulhu

    I will spend Halloween dressed openly as the Satanist that I am. I really missed this holiday for the few years that I was with the clan and am looking very much forward to it this year.

  • bluecanary

    Cthulhu are you really a Satanist? I did a little wiki reading on Luciferism but I'd be interested in learning about your beliefs and practices if you feel comfortable starting a thread on it.

  • Cthulhu


    Yes I am, though I follow it more practically than ritually. I would be happy to start a thread, though it may not be immediately, to give ya a summary and then ask whatever you'd like to. Keep your eyes peeled.

  • bluecanary

    Thanks Cthulhu

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