Reconnecting with an old friend

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  • dissed

    My wifes biggest complaint about the JW's is what they do to families, they tear them apart. Whether for disfellowsipping, or the so-called bad association, the GB needs to separate them from you, so you won't separate yourself from the GB.

    She laments that her bestess of friends from childhood was taken away from her by the JW's. True, she tried to witness to her after college but Debbie respectfully listened and decided it wasn't for her. As we all know, its at that point, a 'good' JW will cut off that friend, and she did.

    Now to the present. My daughter sets up mom on Facebook. Within a week my wife notices a mutual friend, Debbie and invites her to connect. After pleasantries, my wife lowers the bombshell, "I'm no longer a JW". Debbie is floored and wants to find out why? The emails fly back and forth, past histories are shared, a renewed friendship has formed, and tighter than ever.

    Since they were separated, both have raised families, both have retired, both have seen their parents pass on. A lifetime of experiences has been missed because of the JW's. But as powerful as Jehovah's organizaton is, in the end it wasn't powerful enough to keep two good friends from re-uniting.

    They live a long ways from each other and yet have already planned a reunion in Laguna Beach, California where they vacationed as kids.

    Do you have any old friends you would like to link up with, that the JW's separated you from? Old friends from school daze? Facebook can be a nice tool to find that friend.

  • bluecanary

    What a wonderful story!

  • rockmehardplace

    i have reconnected with some even though i am still officially in and trying to fade. it has been wonderful and although we dont agree on things, we have our own thoughts and ideas and after much picking on one another, we respect each for their choices. that is so great that after all that time, there is still a connection for her. congrats.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Great story. Thanx for sharing.

    I broke off all non-Jw friends decades back. When I left Jw's, I felt like I had landed on the moon, I felt so alone. I still feel it sometimes.


  • mouthy

    I like that kind of post Thanks


  • dissed

    Taht's what also so cool about this site. Its easy to make friends

    I'm really looking forward to re-connect with some of my old JW buddies that have left on JWN. Figure its just matter of time.

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