Hard Wired for Truth

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  • cameo-d

    Should we really beat ourselves up for feeling gullable and stupid? Is it really a defect that we should be so trusting of others?

    Suppose in our creation, we were hard wired for "accepting information as given"? Would this not mean that we were created to be lead by a source of truth? Would humans be more advanced and more peaceful if we had been given only truth in our lifetime? If everything you had experienced in this lifetime had really been founded on truth, would you be happier? Would you have progessed farther in having a meaningful life? Or would a world of 'truth only' have left us stagnated?

    Do you think the catalyst of evil in the world has been a benefical thing to advance humankind? Do you think lies have been necessary to mankinds evolution? Or do you think lies and evil have been a chaos that has impeded our success?

    Do you find it wearisome having to stop and question everything? Do you think this confusion brought about by deception is a positive thing and the kind of education that humans really enjoy?

    Could it be part of our human make-up that we were designed for positive reception of information?

  • WTWizard

    First, I would like to see those who pull off these scams brought to justice. If the leaders of this type of religious scam (which, unlike a money scam, can reach the whole world and influence everyone on the planet) were to simply be cut off from society, they would have zero effect. People that are searching for the truth, but make mistakes or stumble on others' mistakes, could be helped to build on what they learn--and ultimately build the body of knowledge so we can find the truth.

    There is a big difference between a mistake and a scam. People like Galileo, Newton, and Einstein made mistakes and their models are not 100% accurate. Yet, they are a good starting place. Scams, on the other hand, are intended to throw people off course (usually for personal benefit of the scam artist pulling them off). As such, they benefit no one and only serve to make people wary of the real truth.

    If everything I ever experienced would have been built on truth (to the best of people's ability and knowledge, that is), it would have made it easier to advance the truth even more. If everyone in the world were exposed only to the truth (again, to the best of their ability and knowledge), advancing the knowledge would be easier. And, with the absence of scams and dead ends, people would be more inclined to accept the real truth instead of having all these stupid regulations that serve the interests of big drug and oil companies and religions.

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