stealing the collection plate

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  • diamondiiz

    As I was going over some more recent WT scandals I thought deeper about this parking pass donation scheme. What's the scoop on this today? I know that even 2 years ago when I still went to the conventions they advertised parking tickets on a donation basis in Calgary so it got me thinking that the whole procedure sounds very similar to the one in Tacoma. I know that the Dome in Calgary charges for parking but WT's letter was similar to the Tacoma one exposed by Bruce Baker. Witnesses in Calgary were to donate money for tickets for the number of days they intended to attend and would not deal with the Saddledome parking authority. Does anyone else know if this practice by WT is still going on wherever they can get away with it as it seems??

  • Roddy

    I think they have overused and altered the word "donation" since it entered their vocabulary in the early 90s.

    My take on it is if the parking and convention are "free" why insist on a daily parking "donation"? Let me ask a follow-up question: Can I still park the car if refuse to donate or don't have the money?

    I think it is a revenue generating gimmick to either pay for the expense of the venue, generate a bit of needed profit, or most likely both. It's a little bit of word play: the stadium seats are free but the stadium parking isn't.

    I think by insisting that people bring their own meals they are encouraging people to take their cars. Who wants to carry their bookbags and their lunches, and those of their children, on the bus?

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