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  • inbetween

    last weekend we were invited at a family of JW.

    they are some decent people, reasonable, realistic, balanced, having good jobs and a house, certianly took care of their future pension, and will give their child a good education.

    You can discuss with them many different topics, and they are not blind to mistakes of brothers or even the leaders...

    however, they are dubs, both being raised in the "truth", they dont know anything else really....

    We have quit a number of friends like that, being down to earth, not extreme, have a good life, and still "strong" in their faith...

    The other day, we also did a congregation-trip, and while you find everywhere some selfrighteous puffed-up "pioneer", "wannabe-elders" or real"elders" or "elderettes", most of the folk was fine, no worry about anybody behaving badly, getting drunk or something like that.

    I was thinking, it wouldnt be so bad to be a witness, IF.....

    yes, its the "IF" that makes one worry., the mind-control thing of the GB.

    anybody going through similar thoughts ?

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    NO. Stay out! I wish someone had told me that 30 years ago. The mind control only gets stronger the further you get in.

  • wantstoleave

    I guess being 'in' the 'truth' has its comfort factor. You tend to trust those around you more easily. You can associate with the knowledge that nothing 'questionable' will arise. And after all, its the only thing most of us its comfortable. Its all we know. We are taught to have faith and not question, not to use our brains. To wait on Jehovah. To comply and humble ourselves. If we question, we are bad. If we pursue higher education, we are looked upon as weak and on the fence. If we arent in this clique and that, then we're weird or snobby. Nowdays, at least in my state, if you finish highschool even, you are not looked upon favourably. We are told to get a trade, get a part time job and enter the full time ministry. And that if we dont, we dont have the correct mindset. I for one never wanted to be a pioneer, nor was I willing to settle down and be a stay at home wife/mother/pioneer. I aspired to more and I succeeded. Got my college degree, married and then had babies.

    Do I think there are any positives to being in the truth with 'nice' people...yes....but there are nice people everywhere. Ive always thought that. Ive never judged anyone. We are all people, no matter what race, gender, sexuality or religion.

  • inbetween

    well, I´m IN, thats the problem, I cant get out (family reasons) and I cant even fade, for the same reasons, it would kill my parents..

    there might he hope to convince my wife, but her and my family are JW since decades, its all their life, they never be convinced otherwise...

    so i try to find the good, the bad and the ugly in the Borg...

  • LouBelle
    LouBelle it wouldn't kill your parents and it's your life not theirs.

    I know people have their reasons for staying in but to fob it off that it's going to kill somone because they leave - reality check - no it won't. Sounds like you are quite happy to stay in.

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