I am going to a wedding today

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  • mouthy

    Remember A68storm???? On here at one time?? Was married to a JW who left him?
    He loved her very much but he is Catholic??/So she said he either changes or she leaves...He did not obey her,

    Well his heart healed & I am going to his wedding today....I will send all your best wishes
    Weather you do wish it or not. LOL!!! She is a lass from China....

  • BorgHater

    I certainly wish him all the best - sounds like he deserves a little happiness

    btw i sent u a private message ystdy Mouthy but i'm not sure if it worked - technology is not my friend lol

    BorgHater x

  • jeanniebeanz

    Congratulations to your friend, Mouthy. I am very glad that he has found happiness!

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  • BabaYaga

    Please bestow our congratulations and wishes for many years of happiness, Dear Grace!

  • mouthy

    Well I just came home!!!!!!10.30 pm What a wedding WOW!!!! I have never been to one like that in my whole life.
    She looked radiant,very lovely Chinese girl,It was in a Great big banquet hall. 5 courses,loads of free wine red, & white. Champagne,
    O'drves(sorry cant spell it)no one at my table drank!!!! The bride sang to John ....She has a most beautiful voice
    Really wonderful.... Sang in chinese of course.
    They played "My Prayer by Cilion Dion as the bride walked in... Dressed in a red gown.
    They were married , then they danced to "the lady in red" .... Then we started eating at 6 p m & was still
    having more courses being served at 8 ....I couldnt help thinking of all those starving folks in other countries...
    At my table was two other men that had gone to China for their wives, One came in last night, the other is still waiting
    for his Chinese wife to get a visa. I told em I thought they had a ruddy nerve going out side Canada to get a mate
    when so many Canadian girls are wanting a man....They laughed at me ( I kidded them a lot)
    Every guest got a gift ,there must have been about 150 people there ...Then they were playing all the rolling stones music, that is when I left,,,,
    LOUD!!!! But it must have cost a BOMB!!!!! But I do hope it will be a lifetime thing.... Of course I had to speak to the
    Pastor( wink wink) wanted to know what HE did when the JW comes to his door ,he said he tells them as long as they believe they are O.K.
    So I loaded him up with my card, because he said they call on him often....He promised he would give them out when next they come

    Well that is my report !!!! from Mouthy, about John who used to post on here ....

  • snowbird

    Mouthy, you rock!!!


  • BluesBrother

    I cannot say that I remember him, but I certainly wish him every happiness with his new wife..

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