"Only $50 to blast off to Outerspace!"

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  • dissed

    Bell rock

    Bell Rock - Sedona, Arizona

    Beautiful isn't it? Many feel the Vortex's here, are some of the best in the world. What's a Vortex? Haven't a clue.

    But Bell Rock does inspire people. So much so, that a few years ago, a local Sedona Mystic was selling 'seats' on Bell Rock for $50. And what would your price of admission get you?

    An exclusive seat on Bell Rock's blast off to outerspace.

    Never mind Bell Rock didn't belong to this guy. If you wanted to "Blast Off", you had to give him the $50 cash.

    He even went so far as to predict the date for send off.

    I was there, in Sedona during this period when the Sedona JW's were building the new Kingdom Hall. I laughed, as most would do. But, as the JW's assured me, people were buying tickets, and lots of them.

    Ludicrous no? How could people be so duped to believe that this guy had special knowledge, that only he was priviledged to understand? And then give the guy $50?!!

    You know what they say? Dupe happens.

    So, now we are to the date. People are camped out on Bell Rock. The countdown begins 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0 Blast Off!!

    But guess what? Nothing happens! The Mystic NOW has a revelation. A new date is set. I'm not kidding, this is what the JW's are telling me.

    Some leave, they were duped. But.....others stay firm in the belief its true. And yet others, still believing this guy, buy more tickets!

    New date for blast off. People take their seats and 10-9-8-...you get the idea. Then Blast off! Nothing happens!

    The Mystic explains what just went on.

    IT did take off. IT went to outerspace! Only....they didn't see it, IT WAS INVISIBLE! And these people were priviledged to be part of it. They, the JW's said, nobody complained! They bought the story!

    The JW's were laughing as they told this story. "Oh, those stupid people!"

    Okay, unless you are one of those ticket buyers, you know where I'm going with this story. You've figured it out and can explain the next part of my story.

    The JW governing Body has sold some similar seats, right? Things didn't quite happen as predicted, no? So they starting selling some new seats and found people to buy some, yes? Then when the GB blast off didn't happen again as planned and predicted, what happened?

    Read the JW history books, their own for yourself, and see what happened.

    People were eagerly waiting for the explanation as the Kingdom didn't materialize as expected. And what was the answer?

    IT WAS INVISIBLE!! They missed it unless they have eyes of faith.

    Now you can go on believing it was new light if you want to, or they just made a mistake as imperfect men always do. But there comes a point when a person has to say to himself, something ain't right on Bell Rock.

    Its up to you, what do you say? Do you want to keep on buying tickets as promises and predictions change?

    Remember one thing, the Holy Spirit is never wrong. Only the men who claim to represent it.

  • hubert

    It only cost 50 bucks to blast off, but it's coming back down alive and in one piece that's expensive.

    Hubert Blast Off

  • dissed

    It only cost 50 bucks to blast off, but it's coming back down alive and in one piece that's expensive.

    So true, so true....

  • dissed

    I wonder if any JW's paid for a seat on the Bell Rock blast off. The JW's in Sedona are a little bit odd even for JW standards.

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