I Love Small Town Living; the Cops Found My Lost Dog

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  • jamiebowers

    So, it was a little after midnight, and I let the dog out for her last potty break of the night. When I went to let her in about 5 minutes later I saw that her lead had slipped off the hook. She was gone! Now this poor dog has led a hard life. I don't think she was ever abused, but I do know she was neglected by the people who had her for the first 9 years. We've had her for 4 years, and she's developed diabetes and is completely blind. She's not mean, but people are afraid of her, because she's a good sized black dog with white eyes like they always have in scary movies. Anyway, I went to look for her to no avail. So I wake my husband, and he can't find her either. In a panic I called the non-emergency number of our police department, and I was crying at this point. The dispatcher took down a description and assured me she'd call if she heard anything.

    My husband set out on foot again, and I took off in the van. When I got to the corner I saw two police cars up the street, so I made a left to let them know about our missing dog. As I approach I can see that crazy dog standing with a police officer. I pulled in and was crying and choked out "Thank you, thank you!" Being the small town that it is, the officer knew me by name. He opened the side door, and that crazy old dog leapt onto the backseat. After I got home and called my husband off the search, I noticed that there was a message on the voicemail. It was the dispatcher letting me know they found the dog.

    I think that crazy old thing was headed for the pizza shop!

  • caliber

    Good for you... I couldn't agree more !!!

    I Love Small Town Living.....

    I`m sorry the Cops,Ate your Dog..


  • jamiebowers

    LOL at Outlaw!

  • dissed

    Glad for the happy ending!

    The same thing happened with our blind old weiner dog. Only a neighbor some distance away took him in and turned him over to the pound. We were sure the coyotes got him and relieved to hear his bark at the pound.

  • jeeprube

    In my town they would have planted drugs on your dog, arrested you, and confiscated all your property to fund their pension plan.

    I need to move.

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