running the gauntlet

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  • highdose

    I live in a medieratian town. Like most med towns it has a promanade ( some have squares but same thing) everybody and i mean everybody goes to the promenade in the evening. You walk up around, meet freinds go for a drink at one of the many cafes lining the prom, maybe get invited for a moonlight sail on their boat. Theres nothing like it, a warm barmy evening, somewhere below all the chatter there are crickets singing and below that the low rythmatic smoothing of the sea. The med sea that was once azure and is now black save for the brilliant moon glittering down on it. Often there will be dancing, somtimes sponstanious and other times organised. There is always always music and always the smell of street stalls selling roasted corn on the cob, chestnuts etc. It is all very lovely and forms a large reason why no one watches tv round here.

    How terrible then that into this lovely scene has recently stepped some invaders.....! These invaders come dressed in suits ( do you know what the tempreture is in the med? even in the evening??!) they stand around anti socail and not chatting with anyone. They carry in one hand briefcases... and in the other magazines! If you are unfortunate as to catch their eye you will see them immedatly run towards you ( even if you quickly try to walk away) waving their magazines and saying hello in as many different languages that they can think of.

    This is not an isolated even eithar! these invaders work as a team and just when you think you have escaped one a few yards down you will find another! and then another ... another. i swear they have set up out posts all along the way...!!

    Somthing really should be done.... ideas?

  • dissed

    I thought you were talking about the Mafia at first. Similar though.

    Reminds me of a small village on the Costa Brava we spent our Holiday. Would love to go back next summer. JG willing? jk

  • yknot


    In a beautiful and friendly place and them not being able to fully enjoy the experience....

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