The JWs have their own Trinity, and more

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    The JWs explanation of the human being Jesus Christ is an unreasonable, irrational Trinity.

    First he is a “god” with a divine nature. But he is also an angel, so presumably has the nature of that level of created being.

    Then he is deprived of these natures and he only possesses the attributes of the human nature, albeit the nature possessed by the very first one, (Homo Erectus or Neanderthal?) Adam and his wife Eve. He no longer has the attributes of his first nature. Yet he is the same person.

    After that he loses the attributes of his human nature and is given the attributes of a spirit nature. Perhaps this is the same nature he has when he returns as the archangel. He no longer is Jesus Christ the human.

    So the JWs have one “person” but who has had three very divergent and dissimilar natures. And they say that this is “reasonable” and “understandable”, although they cannot provide an explanation.

    Further, they have a Supreme God, who clearly possesses the attributes of the divine nature, and then they have lesser gods (Michael and Satan/Lucifer, for example), who while divine, presumably their nature does not have the same attributes as that of the Supreme One. So they have different levels of the divine nature.

    They have never defined the attributes that comprise each of these diverse natures, divine (various), human, spirit, angel, animal.

    It appears the best JWs can do is to define “God” and “Lesser Gods” in terms of “power” and “authority”. This does not work at the human level, for whether a person is a pauper or a prince, each possesses identical attributes of the human nature.

    Before attacking the Trinitarian's explanation as irrational and unreasonable, JWs had better get their own house in order. Unless they feel that the best form of defence is to use the diversionary tactic of attack.


  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Clear as mud, huh? It hardly sounds like monotheism to me.

  • Deputy Dog
  • Roddy

    Sorry Doug but your criticism and the way you explained it doesn't make sense.

    I can understand if you have an axe to grind against the JWs but you are grasping at straws here.

  • carla

    Doug I agree 100% and have tried to show my jw the same thing, no luck.

    Roddy why do you think Doug has an 'axe to grind'? people who disagree with the jw's all have an axe to grind? Why is he grasping at straws? you have not addressed one thing Doug has said in his post.

  • bluecanary

    Great post Doug!

  • Farkel

    The fact that their version of John 1:1 states that Jesus is 'a' god shows they are polytheistic.

    Also, the fact that the Bible says there is only one "true" God means that all other "gods" are not true gods, i.e. they are false gods and therefore Jesus who is "A god" MUST necessarily be a false god, shows how idiotic their beliefs are: they are "Christians" but the very Jesus they "follow" is a false god according to their own Bible!


  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason


    I am saying it is the JW's "explanation" of Jesus Christ is as irrational and unreasonable as those they wish to denigrate.

    They have an angel/god that ceased to exist when he became (only) a human being, who then ceased being that human person when he was raised from the dead as a spirit/archangel, yet he is one person. So they have one person who had the mutually exclusive attributes of three totally different natures.

    This means the JWs have a tri-unity - three natures, one person - against the Trinitarians tri-unity of three persons, one nature.

    The JWs complain that the explanations of "God" given by others, notable Trinitarians, is unreasonable and cannot be understood. I am trying to show that their description is as irrational and difficult to understand as the explanations that these others give.

    I also comment that the JWs define "levels" of God in terms of power and authority, instead of the attributes of the divine nature. On the human level, a person having power and their servant possess the same attributes that comprise human nature. It is not as if their different roles makes one a human while the other is not.

    I am sorry that I failed you.


  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason


    I agree with you 110%


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