Anyone near South Hadley, MA? Need info on the area.

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    No, I don't live there. My fiancee's 23 year old daughter just started university at Mt. Holyoke on a near full-ride scholarship. Smart, talented girl...she worked very hard to get to that point.

    though she has some money saved as a small buffer, and she lives on campus, meals included..she is in no danger of being homeless.....Problem is she is kind of panicking.... She needs a PT gig to take care of incidentals. Her mom agreed to send her $100 month until she finds that job (it may seem small, but that puts a bit of a strain on her budget).... the daughter does not have a car anymore (sold it before leaving to save money) and has to rely on public transportation and friends for rides....

    I have never been to MA and have no idea what is available in the job market and the transit system.

    I ask because the more the daughter panics the more my fiancee is stressed ...which does not translate well around here. I am being patient with both... the daughter has had it waaay too good in my opinion.... the bubble wrap has come off and she is away from home for the first time...... welcome real world.

    Any suggestions, either from MA people or just in general on how to help the both of them? PM me if there are specifics that shouldn't be posted... otherwise, I will just check back here .... thanks in advance...

    Snakes (Rich )

  • mimimimi

    Universities usually have a student worker program. Theirs may be all filled up by this time, but it would be worth checking in to. If she does not know where to go to find out, she could ask a counselor.

  • SnakesInTheTower


    Universities usually have a student worker program.

    that doesn't seem to be working out. honestly, with her course load, I dont see how she is going to be able to work much anyway. I am going to check into some merchandising/mystery shop jobs out her way. believe it or not, some of the mystery shop work is legit...I have done it and never charged a fee.

    Snakes (rich )

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