Our deaf & blind brothers and sisters, email

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  • whereami

    Just got this.

    Our deaf & blind brothers & sisters

    Scroll below - this is so very nice that Jehovah takes such good care of our deaf & blind brothers & sisters - how loving!!!!.

    Received this by way of a spiritual sister today. Having a deaf daughter, I can relate very well to the following..

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    We recently had our sign language district convention here in the Dominican Republic . Our peak attendance was just over 1200. One thing that really touched me though, was to see our brothers caring for the deaf AND BLIND! What a provision from Jehovah! For each deaf and blind person (we had about 10) there are two brothers or sisters interpreting for them. One brother will interpret the speaker and the other will interpret scriptures and/or interviewee. These pairs have to be rotated often as it is really hard on the interpreter’s back to be signing while the deaf blind person is resting his hands over the interpreter’s hands.

    It is apparent that the Governing Body takes a real interest in our deaf brothers. The many publications available in sign language are evidence of this.

    Additionally I encourage you to read the August 15 th Watchtower article “Jehovah Has Made His Face Shine Toward Them” and the November 15 th Watchtower Article “Cherish Your Deaf Brothers and Sisters !” Both these articles help us appreciate our Deaf friends much better and see what we can do to help.

    I recorded a 2 minute clip and put it online for you to see.

    Follow the link below:


  • SnakesInTheTower

    while the sentiment of caring for their needs is nice... I had to throw up in my mouth a little when the music came on the video...I stopped it after 18 seconds.

    Snakes (Rich )

  • greenhornet

    I got a whole minute into it. I never heard that music before. Quess Ive been out to long, oh well.

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