Study finds humans still evolving, and quickly

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    I ran across this article and thought others would be interested. I only copied a small portion, because of the copyright notice at the bottom of the article, so you will have to follow the link to read it all.,0,5882337.story

    The pace has been increasing since people started spreading through Europe, Asia and Africa 40,000 years ago.

    The pace of human evolution has been increasing at a stunning rate since our ancestors began spreading through Europe, Asia and Africa 40,000 years ago, quickening to 100 times historical levels after agriculture became widespread, according to a study published today.

    By examining more than 3 million variants of DNA in 269 people, researchers identified about 1,800 genes that have been widely adopted in relatively recent times because they offer some evolutionary benefit.



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    Interesting, thanks for posting the article,


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