Discernment. Wisdom. Thinking ability. Proverbs Chapter 2

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  • Joshnaz

    This Chapter in the bible was my very first talk I gave at the age of 7 years old. I was in the first grade. I later discovered this Chapter was such a significant point in my life. I gave this talk as a publisher,and it always stayed in my mind so I know it must be of imprortance. I was the youngest born and the only son of nine children. This Chapter as I grew older became more and more real to me as I became more muture. The whole Chapter is about becoming an independent thinker, and always searching for the truth. At an early age I remember this scripture and know I have lived up to it from this day. When I was 20 I had left the JW because I knew in my heart that something was wrong. I knew somehow this was not the truth. 10 years later I am finding out exactly what it was that my heart was telling me. For this chapter that was I was forced to study with my dad I was reading it with tears in my eyes, I will remember all my life. It talks about listening with your heart. It talks about finding the very knowedge of God. It talks about dealing with the immoral people on the earth, and walking in the way of God that is of your own. The very thing the the WBT$ dosen't want you to do. They say to you, "This is the truth, you don't have to look any further." Proverbs Chapter 2 states, that we must keep seeking for it as for silver, and for hid treasures you keep seaching for it. Why should we keep searching for it, if JW's say they already have the truth?

  • yknot

    Because busywork keeps the captive mind from being free

    The continued seeking (or pursuit of the WTS carrot) is ensure mental self-regulation.

  • Heaven

    It is interesting how the heart 'knows' something is wrong even though you can't pinpoint specifics. It's only when you step out of the forest that the trees become clear... that the whole picture comes into focus.

    I think we all had our niggling doubts; things just didn't 'feel right'. If you were to start writing it all down you'd start to see just how much was truly wrong. For me, being a girl, I knew in my heart, mind, spirit, and soul that I could never subjugate myself. I even told my Mom that I was willing to accept true death (ie. not survive Armageddon / have no resurrection) because I could not live in a world where I was subjugated. I think this frightened her and ultimately saddened her. Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything but as a teenager it's difficult to follow Thumper's mother's advice ("If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all."). You react this way when being pushed to do something you don't want to do. I also found that a lot of what the WTS published in their books I didn't agree with. I found a lot to be unscriptural. And then there is the behaviour of those in the organization. Not what I would call 'of God'. And going out on service? Yeah, right. No way. I wasn't interesting in being a preacher. It's not my thing.

    Since I recently did my research on the history of the WTS/JWs, I see how so much is wrong with this group. I now tell people what I know. Even without the Internet, we can anti-Witness because we have the background and experience. It's working wonders!

  • wobble

    Dear Joshnaz,

    thank you for your post, you have reminded me that I too at the tender age of seven was reading the Bible to a strange group of people in a hired hall.

    I too was a publisher, on one of my first doors alone, at age seven, a "lady" threatened to knock me down her steps if I didn't run away !

    thanks too, for the reminder of that gem "Proverbs" , and how right you are that once free of the WT it has such a wealth of meaning and can move us to be what we should be !

    many thanks again,



  • WTWizard

    What the Washtowel does is to take the "Trust in Jehovah, and do not lean on your own understanding" out of this and isolate it from everything else. And, they have so many links between Jehovah and the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger that disobeying or distrusting the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger amounts to disobeying Jehovah. That biases every piece of research one can do thereafter--applying mostly to those that are studying to become witlesses, but not to those who already "found" the cancer.

  • Chalam

    Hello Joshnaz,

    Cool! I agree, follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He was talking to you about saving you from the path of the WT even right back then :)

    Keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking-that is for us all. Check this out Matthew 13

    All the best,


  • Joshnaz

    Wow Chalam your right

  • Joshnaz

    I remember the day I left JW's. I was living in my sisters house. 21 years old. Very unhappy and alone. I was trying to be the best JW I could be, but found myself so unhappy that I was trying to commit suicide. I then asked myself. "Why? What is making me so unhappy that I am trying to do this? I have done what everyone has told me to do. They said I should be happy. So why am I going to do this? I've,,,,done,,,what,,,,everyone,,,, told,,,me,,to,do.....(that's when it hit me) All my life I've done what the WT told me to do, what the elders told me to do, what my family have told me to do. I have never done anything for myself, in fact I don't even know who I am. Ten years of searching, I now know who I am. The Holy Spirit or something was there to make me realize what it was that was making me attempt suicide. Even though I knew it would cost me my family, my friends and everything and everyone I know. They all weren't worth taking my life. I am so happy now. I am still distant from my family, but I've created my own family now. I am very loved by my wife and son, and I love life now like I have never done before.



  • wobble

    Great to hear your story, I am so pleased to hear that you are happy.

    If you continue to let the Holy Spirit lead you, I am convinced He will "lead you beside quiet waters, and restore your soul " ( Psalm 23 v 2-3 0

    May you and your family have peace, happiness and well-being,



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